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Gentle Ghosts

I have (re)read Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency for about the fourth time now and still I'm puzzled. I really don't understand the ending and maybe some helpful ghost could give me a call to clear things up a little... Attention: if you haven't read the book... S P O I L E R S  A H E A D When the ghost from the planet Salaxar (who hijacked the body of Michael Wenton-Weakes) arrives in Cambridge he has a chat with Dirk Gently who says at a certain point:...

Nomen Est Omen: Starship Titanic

Having read the Douglas Adams novel  that was actually written by Terry Jones, from Monty Python fame, I found that it was about time to titillate my visual sensor systems and to play the game that listens to the same title: Starship Titanic. I remember the game well, around the year 2000 it was lying in heaps in the sales bin of a local CD shop, that also happened to sell some software and videos of girls in various stadia of nakedness, and perhaps due to the fact that nobody knew what this shop...

The Dirk Gently Time Travel Thread

If you happen to read this blog on a regularly basis, what I don't believe at all by the way, then you may have seen, and probably not read, several posts about Douglas Adams. In Dirk Gently's first adventure the holistic detective meets A: a retired time lord who isn't called a time lord for copyright reasons so I assume (Douglas Adams used to write for Doctor Who at the Beeb.) and;B: a few ghosts:B stroke 1: one pathetic one who tries to phone home to whisper a last message to his sister and;B stroke 2:...

This Satanic Trip

OK, I admit. I am in my Douglas Adams period. During those periods all that I touch, all that I see, all that I taste, and all I feel circles around DNA. However, you have to admit, the man was a genius. But also a shrewd entrepreneur. He made Hitchhiker radio shows (on the air, on vinyl, on CD and even on DVD), books, comics, a computer game, a television show, a (rather bad) movie, and even a towel. The man did not only look like one but was also a mogul of good taste. He even played on stage with Pink...


Popular science books are fun

I've got one called On The Road To Infinity from Dr. A.E. Wallenquist, published by the Bosscha Space Observatory Lembang (Java) in 1934. It is still written in the old school Dutch spelling from De Vries and Te Winkel (1864) so it is even tricky for Dutch speaking people to read (the modern Dutch spelling rules were made in 1946 but it took to 1954 before the new spelling was made official). But Mr. Wallenquist, who was an astronomer, was perhaps too much of a scholar to write gobbledygook so the book...

So Long

I am rereading Douglas Adams' So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish for the umpteenth time now. I know volume four in the trilogy of five isn't considered his best by many fans. It is a rather thin novel and was written at gunpoint. Douglas Adams was a master in procrastination (and making a load of money out of that) and after a while Pan Books were so desperate that they released a promotion kit without actually having a book. Inside the promotion kit a prayer could be found: "Please God grant...

The Abandon Earth Kit aka How To Leave The Planet

Don't panic! This 'Unfinished Projectst' of mine has finally been, euh, finished. It contains a text from Douglas Adams that he once wrote for a shoe company. A Belgium shoe company! Although written in Flash it isn't flashy at all. You are warned. How To Leave The Planet Update February 2009: How To Leave The Planet is one of Douglas Adams’s most obscure texts. Obscure as in rare. None of the regular biographies mention it and only Neil Gaiman in his not-quite-a-biography-but-very-close-to-it...



This week, sad week, brought me scattered thoughts, feelings and sensations. Let me empty my cerebral scrapbook first before I continue with the subject of the day. Activate cynical mood warning… 1 Three weeks ago a Belgian soldier was killed in Lebanon attempting to dismantle an Israeli bomb. He was posthumously decorated and the big shots praised him for his bravery. Strange enough nobody from the Belgian government had the guts to convene the Israeli ambassador and to officially demand for an...

The Restaurant At The End Of The Typewriter

Douglas Adams (DNA) obviously was one of those persons who graduated summa cum laude at the William Shatner Star Trek Unfinished Projects University. An explanation may be needed here. In the seventies several attempts were made to resuscitate Star Trek at the movie theatres. Three scripts were made for what laughingly was called Star Trek II: The God Thing, by Gene ‘thank god for miniskirts’ Rodenberry; The Planet of the Titans, Kirk going mad and thinking he’s a Greek god – I kid you not!; and...


It's life, Eoin, but not as we know it...

You are in this city, that isn't your own but that you visit once or twice a year, and you know this nice little resto where they serve an excellent spaghetti carbonara. Let's have a spaghetti carbonara you hear yourself say and you stroll towards the square where the bistrot is located. The house is still there but instead of Il case di Vitollino (or something similar as you have a problem remembering the exact positions of vowels in Italian names) the place has now been called The Bull's Bollocks. When...


It has been the most wonderful week. After I had read a favourable review of Douglas Coupland’s Generation A in the newspaper I bought me the book and I am in the middle of reading that one now. The story is put in a future not so very far from now where bees have disappeared altogether and the weather is constantly playing tricks on the population, like suburban smog. When 5 persons around the world get stung they are immediately abducted by special services into a research centre that reminds...


Machine Shrink

History repeats itself just like the chicken at the zoo that perpetually wanted to pick some breadcrumbs lying inside the monkey cage but got hit each time on the head by a vigilant monkey carrying a stick. Examining the Wintermute Engine for one of my soon-not-to-be Unfinished Projects I fell upon the games section and instead of downloading the editor itself I ended with Mental Repairs Inc. on my harddisk. Mental Repairs, Inc. is a small 2.5D point'n'click adventure following Henrik Liaw, machine...

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