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A couple of years ago I discovered the slightly fantastic audio freeware Audacity and immediately started to play around with it. These were also the days that I was deeply into The Orb so I started to make an audio mash-up mixing tunes from that band with the geriatric dinosaur of rock called Pink Floyd. Probably I started with the job in 2003 although this may have been a year earlier. One of my earliest attempts was to mix the chants by the otherwise unknown Magupa tribe on Absolutely Curtains with the...

U.F.Orb 2007

The pile you see at the left side of this screen is my to-do-list. A bunch of cd's, cd-roms, DVD's and books I'm busy with or I pretend to be busy with. Actually the rockpile is a bit higher now as the pic was already taken a few weeks ago. Then I've still got a few hundreds of vinyl records I've never listened to. In a previous life I was a radio show assembler, meaning that I made up a playlist, wrote the comments in between songs, did the actual mixing behind the studio console, but that someone else...


Apples and Oranges

Pomme Fritz (aka The Orb's Little Album) (1994) was the second Orb cd I bought and it nearly made me lose my appetite for LX Paterson and his goofy friends. Although it was rather short I could never bear to listen to it in its entirety. The jewel box lay next to the player and for weeks I tried to digest it with the only result that I ejected the disk, mostly somewhere during the quite abominable We're Pastie To Be Grill You track. In the end a cat with good taste peed on it so I finally found it was...

Dreams come through

Why isn’t double U double U double U atagong dot com up and running yet? Good question. It took me 3 weeks to realise that my domain didn’t need the www (the only abbreviation, according to Douglas Adams, that is longer than the phrase itself). So I thought it was better to start all over again, searching, checking and replacing all internal links on the odd 200 archived posts. I should’ve read the fucking manual first, I know… About a dozen of years ago I was planning to create the best Orb site...

Obscured by Fluffy Clouds

Recently The Orb has been re-issuing some of their classic albums, richly enlarged with extra tracks and remixes. Past week I reviewed Pomme Fritz, not exactly their best album (one of their worst, I might add). Today I have a go at Orbus Terrarum. The following text comes from an attempt to write an Orb biography somewhere around the turn of the millennium and has not been published before. 8-))) FAST FORWARD, HE CRIED 1994. The world is not even partially recovered from Pomme Fritz or another Orb-like...

Perplexed Orbbery

One of the best Orb disks ever is called Moonlight Orbbery but it can only partially be credited to LX P and partners. It is, in fact, a remix-rehash-mash-up Projectst from Bill Bbroo Brooks that was distributed amongst Orb fans in the year 2002. If you are into spacey soundscapes you will not be disappointed provided you could still find the little gem of course somewhere in a forgotten time curve of the wwweb (long time since I’ve seen that word floating by). After Moonlight Orbbery had received...

The Orb Lives On

Recently The Orb has been re-issuing some of their classic albums, richly enlarged with extra tracks and remixes. The first two records had lifted The Orb from an obscure DJ-set in the backroom of a techno temple to ambient house superstars, but their superstar status soon melted away with their following darker albums, dark because the modal fan couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore. Weird, experimental and monotonous, it seemed that the members of The Orb had lost all musical...

The Orb On Mars

Recently The Orb has been remastering, re-editing and most of all re-cashing on their studio albums. Today we have a go at Cydonia. The following review was written for an Orb Projectst of mine that never saw the light of day. and because it is so long I'll keep this intro short. Cydonia v1 (1998) After a few false starts in 1998 a new Orb album is announced for March 1999: Cydonia. A track listing is available as well as the names of two possible singles: Once More (in a Jim Cauty 'scourge of the earth'...

zORBa, the G|r|eek

The Orb hasn’t been sitting still the past year. In February they released a new album, called The Dream and five disks of their back catalogue have been re-released, with extra tracks to draw the money out of the collector’s pocket. Not that long ago they already had unleashed two rarities albums called Orbsessions One and Two and an ambient volume in the The Art Of Chill collection (a previous volume of that same collection, mixed by Steve Hillage from System7, also contained a Paterson...


Andy Hughes (1965 - 2009): gone to Orblivion

Put your head phones on to cover the sound of the bulletsClose your eyes not to see the children dyingStop breathing to avoid the fumesEscape with The Orb into a wonder landWhere no one dies... Trash, To Nat Or Not To Nat, e-mail, 2003-04-10. The sad news started sipping in on Tuesday and wasn't immediate denied, nor confirmed by those who have a direct telephone line with The Orb, always a bad sign. Andy Hughes, band member from 1995 to 2001, had died from cancer. Following the true Orbian tradition of...

Pink Dreams

Some exciting news arrived last weekend through a Pink Floyd portal. Alex Paterson, head spinner of the band The Orb, said in an interview that he and David Gilmour had entered a studio ‘to work on an album’. The news was vague and titillating enough to make all kind of assumptions. Did this mean that LX & DG were attempting a Fireman trick à la Youth and Mc Cartney? Perhaps Alex had finally lured Dave in his spider web with a little help from Guy Pratt who can be...


It has been the most wonderful week. After I had read a favourable review of Douglas Coupland’s Generation A in the newspaper I bought me the book and I am in the middle of reading that one now. The story is put in a future not so very far from now where bees have disappeared altogether and the weather is constantly playing tricks on the population, like suburban smog. When 5 persons around the world get stung they are immediately abducted by special services into a research centre that reminds...


Metallic Spheres

About, let me count, thirty-four to thirty-five years ago I was seriously investigating the so-called UFO phenomenon. Or whatever serious means for a sixteen years old adolescent who urgently wants to get laid but has found out that the chance to witness an encounter of the third kind is statistically more probable than to have an close encounter with the opposite sex. I was a member of the Belgian Sobeps association, long before the Belgian UFO wave hit the skies and as the Internet was still a...

The Relic Samples

There was a time when I would put in the latest Orb CD and murmur blimey! Blimey because The Orb pleasantly surprised you or blimey because Alex 'LX' Paterson and band utterly frustrated you. They had that effect on me for years from their very first album Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld (1991) until the quite underrated Cydonia (2001) and often the wow! and shit! effect could be witnessed on the same disk, most notably on Orbus Terrarum that probably contains the freakiest ambient track ever (the...

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