7. Star Trek - The Original Sucker (overview)

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Star Trek - TOS 'Enhanced' Promo Trailer

The ship will hit the fans, well that is what CBS Paramount Domestic Television says on its promo trailer that has been released a few days ago. We will have to wait for the real episodes to see what all the fuss is all about, because all I can tell you know is that the title music has been re-recorded and that some digital effects have been added. Star Trek Remastered Or with a little luck you can even watch it here. Internet Explorer users may have to click twice: once to activate the movie, once again...

Star Trek Rebooted

After the as good as certain debacle of Star Trek XI, aka The Franchise Is Dead, that is loathed by the fans before the movie is even made, Paramount has now announced an upgrade of all episodes of the original series. This will mean: (computer generated) enhanced battle sequences, ship exteriors, galaxy shots and landscapes. The original music will get a stereo re-recording and even Captain Kirk’s Space, the final frontier monologue will get a digital treatment. Read more at: Startrek.com If you liked...


Don't kill Bill!

Mr. William Shatner is angry, so tells me my local newspaper. The reason is fairly simple. A new Star Trek movie is in the make and the actor who is going to play James Tiberius Kirk is not his royal wigginess but a guy called Chris Pine, a young actor who looks like an underwear commercial model. You can't deny that William Shatner is an old man, he must be around one hundred and three right now, and so we can't expect him to play the role of young Kirk, can we? And that is what this new movie, aptly...

Star Trek vs. Jefferson Airplane

Grace Slick has always been one of the more flamboyant inhabitants of my wet dreams. Probably that is because of her mythical reputation.Perhaps.It's a bit what happened to the British psychedelic underground movement in the mid-sixties. Because the blokes who ruled it didn't have a clue what the alternative scene was in the States (no Internet, no intercontinental television, remember) they invented a British version that was apparently much more progressive than the American one. (English underground...

Star Trek vs. Monty Python

Ah. The mist of time. Star Trek TOS was the greatest science fiction series of all times (remember Arena?) and Monty Python were always brilliant. Here is a combination of both. Extremely silly. If you liked this post - you might be interested in this one as well: Giordano Kazemi...


European Frontal

On Sunday mornings all is dull and quiet. Some people go to church; I take a cup of Italian coffee, start the computer and surf a bit. Sunday is the day I visit those sites I usually don’t visit very often, except on Sundays that is. One site I visit from time to time is Snopes that is dedicated to urban legends. Is or isn’t there a penis on the cover of The Little Mermaid home video? Is it true that Jessica Rabbit doesn’t wear underwear on four frames of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie (who are...

The Restaurant At The End Of The Typewriter

Douglas Adams (DNA) obviously was one of those persons who graduated summa cum laude at the William Shatner Star Trek Unfinished Projects University. An explanation may be needed here. In the seventies several attempts were made to resuscitate Star Trek at the movie theatres. Three scripts were made for what laughingly was called Star Trek II: The God Thing, by Gene ‘thank god for miniskirts’ Rodenberry; The Planet of the Titans, Kirk going mad and thinking he’s a Greek god – I kid you not!; and...


Flesh & Drones

Does anyone remember Signs, the 2002 movie by M. Night Shyamalan? Hundreds of aliens play peek-a-boo with the world population, tension rises to Fahrenheit 451 and in the end it all comes down to the fact that these aliens urgently needed lunch and mistook ZZ9 plural Z Alpha for the restaurant at the end of the universe. What a stupid lot of alien buggers they were weren’t they? Lucky for me there still is badmovies.org that is a constant source of inspiration. Their review of Sins Of The...

Spirits in the Sky

Every kid has this period in his life when he’s genuinely interested in UFO’s and all that conspiracy theories mumbo jumbo. I wasn’t an exception either and in my bold and beautiful days I devoured, next to the obligatory Clarke and Asimov SF stuff, the serious scientific works of Erich Von Däniken. Erich Von Däniken was the man, or better said the early seventies phenomenon, and promoter of the theory that aliens had visited Earth in the past and had left proof of that, dispersed all over the...


Machine Shrink

History repeats itself just like the chicken at the zoo that perpetually wanted to pick some breadcrumbs lying inside the monkey cage but got hit each time on the head by a vigilant monkey carrying a stick. Examining the Wintermute Engine for one of my soon-not-to-be Unfinished Projects I fell upon the games section and instead of downloading the editor itself I ended with Mental Repairs Inc. on my harddisk. Mental Repairs, Inc. is a small 2.5D point'n'click adventure following Henrik Liaw, machine...

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