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2001: A Time Odyssey

This is another answer on my question: How Does Dirk Gently Really Ends?. Of course the time paradox from the Dirk Gently novel has been discussed before in the past, although in the past may be quite a subjective term when discussing time paradoxes. Tukler (remember him from the previous entry?) gave me a link to a discussion from 2001 that I represent here in Reader’s Digest form. Tom Wyant Q: How did they save the world? A: If you already know all about Samuel Taylor Coleridge, skip the next...

Gentle Ghosts

I have (re)read Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency for about the fourth time now and still I'm puzzled. I really don't understand the ending and maybe some helpful ghost could give me a call to clear things up a little... Attention: if you haven't read the book... S P O I L E R S  A H E A D When the ghost from the planet Salaxar (who hijacked the body of Michael Wenton-Weakes) arrives in Cambridge he has a chat with Dirk Gently who says at a certain point:...

Mrs Sauskind's Cat And Other Relevant Facts

This is another answer on my question: How Does Dirk Gently Really Ends?  An explanation by Glyn (1995-ish) A spaceship comes to earth to colonise it. The entire crew make a preliminary landing in a landing craft, which is damaged by a meteorite on the way down. The pilot makes some repairs, but relies on his Electric Monk to verify that it is safe to take off. Unfortunately the Monk trusted a little too much - the landing craft blew up. In addition, the explosion caused the start of life in the...

The Dirk Gently Time Travel Thread

If you happen to read this blog on a regularly basis, what I don't believe at all by the way, then you may have seen, and probably not read, several posts about Douglas Adams. In Dirk Gently's first adventure the holistic detective meets A: a retired time lord who isn't called a time lord for copyright reasons so I assume (Douglas Adams used to write for Doctor Who at the Beeb.) and;B: a few ghosts:B stroke 1: one pathetic one who tries to phone home to whisper a last message to his sister and;B stroke 2:...

The Wrath Of Kubla Khan

This is another episode from my quest for the ultimate answer on the question: 'How Does Dirk Gently Really Ends?'  I may not have been the only gentle reader with this question and several answers have already been published on this site, some dating from 1995. But sorry mates, I cannot ‘believe’ these explanations. Let me explain, but before I forget… S P O I L E R S  A H E A D Most of the book runs in an alternative timeline that has an extended Kubla Khan poem by...

Tukler's Revenge

Tukler was one of the people who gave me an answer on the How Does Dirk Gently Really Ends question and when I replied that I didn't buy that explanation, he came up with this. (The underneath text has been edited a bit) S P O I L E R S  A H E A D I understand your point of view and agree that it is possible to think that when travelling forward in time they would be travelling in an earth which is already de-humanized by the ghost. But... who are we to state this? Do we have...

Tukler's Time Treatment

Tukler was one of the people who gave me an answer on the How Does Dirk Gently Really Ends? question through the Douglas Adams NG. S P O I L E R S  A H E A D When they discovered they had 2 minutes left, they didn't to anything to stop the ghost at that time, but activated the time machine and travelled forward in time to Coleridge's time, and prevent Coleridge to write the second part of Kubla Khan. Another theory, which I support, about its meaning in the book is that it...


Dirk Gently's Holistic Radio Appearances

BBC radio with Above The Title productions have made a six-episode radio play called Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency based on the Douglas Adams novel. As the plot involves a desperately confusing time-travelling solution I am eager to find out how the time paradoxes will get dealed with on the audio play. As the BBC also adapted the ending of the Hitchhiker series on the radio they may be toying with this book as well. (As a matter of fact a rather particular hint in the beginning of the book has...

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