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Atagong's Shot-Online Calculator

This product is no longer upgraded, but you can still download it and try.


Basically the spreadsheet attempts to advice you what club to take and how hard to hit the ball, taking the following parameters in consideration:

The ball / lie angle and the height difference between start- and end-point are not included yet. After the ball lands it bounces and rolls a bit, a ball will roll further on the green than on a fairway, and some greens are 'faster' than others.

There are 2 main pages in the spreadsheet: Menu and Setup. A third, hidden, page is called Calc and contains most of the formulae.

The Menu is kept as small as possible so that you can adjust the Excel window. It is easier to navigate between Shot-Online and Excel that way.


Club Grid

The header row shows the 14 clubs, from driver, woods, irons to putter.
Underneath are 4 rows:

Minimum the softest shot (in percentage of power)
Average the ideal shot (in percentage of power)
Maximum the heaviest shot (in percentage of power)
The minimum and maximum percentages will be better understood when we arrive at the lie grid.
Percentage The deviation from a 'normal' shot in percentage, taking into account:
  wind speed
  wind direction
  weather conditions
but not:
  the lie (fairway, rough or bunker).

If the sun is shining, the temperature is hot and the wind is blowing from tee to flag your shot must be softer to cover the same distance. The clubs and percentage grid is read-only.


The clubs and percentage grid can only make a calculation if you have filled in all the conditions of the shot.

Flag distance to the flag in yards or the distance you would like to shoot
Wind windspeed in m/s
Direction wind direction in degrees (zero to 360)
North Up 0 or 360 degrees
East Right 90 degrees
South Down 180 degrees
West Left 270 degrees
The Direction cell allows integers between 0 and 360. The windrose gives an impression of the direction and windspeed.
Temperature in degrees Celsius (default in Shot-Online)
This cell allows entries between 20 and 30 degrees.
Weather B There are clouds in the sky
  R It is raining again  
  S Sunny
Ground F Fairway
  R Rough
  B Bunker (or sand)
This setting is ignored for putter (green) and driver (tee off).


The game Shot-Online gives you a minimum and maximum percentage value based on the ground your ball has landed on (these values are also influenced by your stamina index inside the game). On the Shot-Online Calculator you can fill the minimum percentage in the low column and the maximum percentage in the high column.
The average is automatically calculated and is read-only.
Normally you just have to fill in these percentages once (per golf court) as they seldom change. For the green I have taken a -10 and +10 percent ratio.


To use the spreadsheet you need to convert all percentages to a ratio between 0 and 2. To add (or subtract) 1% simply add (or subtract) 0.01.
In most cases, no influence at all (100%) is represented as 1.00.
A condition that makes a ball fly further way (hot weather) adds up.
A condition that makes a ball land earlier (rain) subtracts.

85% = 0.85 (15% decrease)
102% = 1.02 (2% increase)
100% = 1.00 (neutral)

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