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This product is no longer upgraded, but you can still download it and try.


But alas, no accurate percentages without a proper setup.

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Club Distances Grid For every club you can fill in the distance (yards) per 10% power increase. At 0% the shot will be 0 yards, obviously. As Shot-Online accepts shots up till 110% that is the maximum power allowed.

This grid takes 'normal' shots into account, without influence of wind, rain, clouds, temperature or lie. You can painstakingly compile these statistics yourself, pinch a ready-made grid from one of the Shot-Online forums on the web or use the slightly magnificent Distance Forecast spreadsheet that is a part of the Shot-Online Calculator package.

The bottom row gives the 'do not show % under' - figure. The title is more difficult than the explanation. As you only want the Shot-Online Calculator to visualize 2 or 3 realistic clubs for your shot, you have to decide a bottom percentage. If a club scores under that percentage, it will not show on the grid.
Why do a hazardous 30% shot with your 5W if a 100% shot with another club covers the same distance?
Exceptions: the putter and the SW that are used for short shots.

To help you fill in the distances for a certain club there is a Distance Forecast spreadsheet that predicts the distances after you did some test shots.


Wind Influence Grid The wind-speed and direction has an obvious impact on the flight of the ball. The Shot-Online Calculator uses a cosine function to calculate the combined influences but needs to know how much impact there is per meter per second (per club) first.

As an exception on the general rule, and on this grid alone, the number 0 (zero) means no influence at all. One percent (1%) is noted as 0.01 (or 0,01 - depending on your country code in Windows). A 3.5% ratio per meter per second is fine for 'average' Shot-Online players and is noted as 0.0350 (or 0,0350).
As the putter is not influenced by wind that setting has to stay at 0.

Once you don't consider yourself an 'average' player anymore you will need to adjust the wind influence per club. To help you fill in the wind influence for a certain club there is a Wind Forecast page that predicts the influence after you did some test shots.


Temperature Influence Grid Influence on ball flight per degree Celsius and adjustable for every club. 25° is believed to be the ideal temperature.

For 'average' players 1% per centigrade increase or decrease seems to be an acceptable average.
No influence is noted as 1.00, 2% increase is 1.02, 5% decrease is 0.95. As the putter is never influenced by temperature that setting has to stay at 1 (one).

(Semi-)Pro players are of course not happy with one setting for all clubs. To measure and predict the temperature influence for a particular club there is the Temperature Forecast spreadsheet that predicts the influence after you did some test shots.


Weather Conditions Influence Grid It is believed that rain will diminish ball flight by 11%. This is noted as 0.89.

Clouds have a negative 5.5% influence, thus 0.945. As the putter is, as far as I am aware of, never influenced by the weather that setting has to stay at 1 (one).

Logically a wet green should have some influence on the putter, but to be honest, I never tested that.


Personal Power You have been at the training courses for 6 hours to get all your ball distances right.
The next day you buy some kinky knickers that will increase your power with seven and a half percent.
You don't have to change the 168 cells of the Clubs Distances Grid, just put 1.075 as your personal power and all stats will be adjusted accordingly.

Tip: don't forget to save your Excel sheet!

Excel and the decimal point: the decimal point in Windows is different in Europe. Europeans write one thousand as 1.000,00 while the rest of the world writes a very bizarre 1,000.00. I just mention this not to confuse you.
I just did.
Tough luck.

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