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This product is no longer upgraded, but you can still download it and try.


I realise my Shot-Online Calculator is not quite up to par yet. Some things could still be added...


A Projectile Is Launched The calculator predicts the trajectory of the ball quite accurate when there are no height differences between the starting and the landing point of the ball. Some courts however have big uphill or downhill differences and there is always the chance that you end up in a bunker that is 10 feet deeper then the flag.

For those differences an uphill - downhill calculator could come in quite handy. Let me think of it. Nah. Forget it.


Ball Effect To 'bend' the ball during flight, to avoid an obstacle or to put a contra-effect for the wind, you can put some effect, aka spin, on the ball. The club will hit the ball not in its dead center, put a bit to the left, right, top or down from the middle.

During the flight the ball's curve will be different and that will have its influence on the landing point and the total distance.

Backspin and topspin also have an influence on the ball's behaviour on the ground. Chipping with backspin will cause the ball to stop immediately when landed, topspin will make your ball roll further on the green.

One could think of a spin calculator to predict those effects.


You can contact me like this.


But last, and most important of all, have fun. Shot-Online is not about calculating, it is about playing golf.

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