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Atagong's Shot-Online Calculator

This product is no longer upgraded, but you can still download it and try.

First things first.
This calculator is not sponsored, approved, or authorised by OnNet Entertainment or Game Campus. If they consider it illegal to use during gameplay then you should not use it.
It is not allowed to use the Shot-Online Calculator for altering the results during gameplay. Keep the game fair.

The spreadsheet has been made on Excel 2000 and contains no macros.

Use at your own own risk.

I said: you use this spreadsheet at your own risk,
even if it messes with your computer and/or other hardware,
even if it messes with your spreadsheet program, 
even if it messes with your Shot-Online program,
even if it messes with your operating system,
even if it messes with anything at all,

I AM NOT TO BLAME (if Bill Gates can get away with that, so can I).

You are free to make changes to this calculator, and to distribute it, as long as you don't intend to make money out of it. Be honest enough to tell that you grabbed the original  from me but that you are responsible for the changes.

Like I said:


To download a zipped version of the Shot-Online Calculator click here.
Most recent version:



September, 1, 2006.

I don't think I will update this again. It works. Never try to fix something that does work.

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