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Atagong's Shot-Online Calculator

This product is no longer upgraded, but you can still download it and try.

Shot-Online is an excellent online multiplayer golf simulation game. I suppose you know what it is all about, or you wouldn't have come to this place to begin with.

Otherwise I suggest you consult the following sites first:

Wikipedia Entry for Shot-Online:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shot_Online (old) Shot Online Logo

If you then decide to have a go at the game, you'll better go to the Shot-Online Official Website with registration, download (approx. 553 MB (August 2009) and some more information: http://shotonline.gamescampus.com

As in most golf simulation games you have to consider the distance from the ball to the flag, the weather conditions, the underground, etc... before making a shot. My calculator might come in handy. It has been made in Excel 2000 and looks a bit like the picture underneath, click it if you feel slightly aroused.

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