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iPod Random Generator December 2008

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I Robot

Also in 2008 my MySpace page will contain some useless iPod statistics. This year however my iPod will always stay in shuffle mode, in other words: the machine will decide what songs will be played. For more information: Random Blueß aka sucking for statistics.

At the end of each month I will publish the ten most popular songs of the year and the ten most popular songs of the past month.

For the top 10 list of the songs I've been listening to in 2008 go to http://www.myspace.com/atagong.

For the top 10 list of the songs I've been listening to in December, go to the MySpace blog section.

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The Church of Iggy the Inuit has admirers in strange places:

Anthony Stern (movie maker and photographer): "I see that you have continued to update your website and that the cult of Iggy is snowballing."
Mark Blake (journalist and author of Pigs Might Fly): "Good luck with the Iggy hunt. (...) I think it's funny that nobody even knew her real name."

For that matter we don’t even know if she was Eskimaux or not.

The latest article delves deeper ito Iggy's roots:
was Iggy Sami (Lapp) or;
was Iggy an Inuit from Greenland or;
none of the above?

Read this Arctic extravaganza at your own risk!



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When I opened my eyes and went to work I knew that 2009 was going to be business as usual. At Brussels train station ‘North’ the monitor at platform 7 was still out of order, as it was before Christmas. I felt strangely relieved when I accepted the fact that the Belgian railway company NMBS, with its 38 522 employees, can’t find a repairman or that there isn’t one single spare monitor in their stock for any of their 582 train stations.

But on the other hand the Belgian railway company is virtually bankrupt. Its previous director had the magnificent idea of starting an international courier company, a DHL or Fedex competitor called ABX and when the plug was finally taken out of it the Belgian railway found a hole of 1 874 000 000 Euros. That is one billion eight hundred and seventy-four million Euro or about 190 Euro per living soul in Belgium, including me. Its ever enthusiast CEO had always declared that the debt was only one third of that, still a load of money, if you ask me.

Q: So was Etienne Schouppe, who lied to the public about the debts ABX had, publicly executed?
A: Well, that wouldn’t be nice and rather uncivilised, would it? We don’t even execute murderers anymore.

Q:So was he put in jail?
A: Well, actually nobody is very hot to bring this before court because it smells so bad and so many politicians are involved.

Q: Obviously the man must be a pariah nowadays, afraid to show his face on the street fearing he will be spit on?
A: Not quite right either. Etienne Schouppe, the man who gave the Belgian railways an immense money problem and who openly misled the general public, government and parliament about that, is now… minister of mobility. In other words, he is now the political, rather than the financial, boss of the Belgian Railways.

But that is of course not entirely his fault, over ninety five thousand Belgian citizens voted for this nincompoop, and if in a democracy people vote for poop, poop is what they’ll get.

Normally I would never have written this entry but past week the Belgian railway system broke down due to a technical problem near Louvain. Four hours later people were still standing, in the freezing cold, in Brussels, Antwerp or Mechelen waiting for trains that would never arrive. No information whatsoever was given in the stations and in the end I just took a taxi to bring me home.

Accidents will happen. Especially when it’s freezing. But that the Belgian railways don’t have an emergency plan and aren’t able to tell the passengers where their trains are four hours after the situation occurred is a bit unprofessional, even for Belgian standards. Questions have been asked in Parliament and the NMBS solemnly declared that they would communicate and solve the problems faster in the future. If my memory is correct, and this time it is, this is exactly the same answer they gave on the 14th of May last year when a fire in a signalisation centre virtually halted all trains in Belgium as well…

One Flemish blogger with an extremely good memory found a newspaper article from the winter of 1985 criticizing the NMBS for not informing the passengers waiting at –20 degrees for a train that didn't arrive… like I said… business as usual…

And Etienne Schouppe,… He’s simple, he’s dumb, he’s the pilot…

(Whenever I hear that song, especially when the keyboard’s come sweeping in at 7 minutes and a few seconds I cry a little bit… thinking of RWW and RKB… this one’s for you Bea, this one’s for you.)

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Chimera Arts (2)

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The producer and editor of the Iggy Eskimo Girl movie, Sadia Sadia contacted The Holy Church if Iggy the Inuit and gave some news about Anthony Stern's Iggy Eskimo Girl movie that premiered last year.

The film will probably be shown on several film festivals;
it will also be submitted to the British Council for inclusion in their UK film archives, but...
for the time being it will not appear in the public domain.

You can read this sad article, that has a funny ending to keep up the spirits, here.



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I’m writing this post on the worst day of the year, so tells me my newspaper, the 3rd Monday of January also known as Blue Monday or depression day.

Of course I can’t tell the difference, as I have been in a semi-constant state of half-depression for most of my life. Ever since I asked my religion teacher, I must have been 12 years old, how he could prove to me that our, his religion, Roman Catholicism, was the one and only and not for instance Protestantism or even Islamism, that also has Jesus wandering around.

The teacher looked at me as if he had heard a distant bell toll at the Vatican.

"We’ll come to that matter next year,", he told me, "when you are in high school." Obviously that was a lie and I lost all religious appetite that single moment and I still haven’t found it back 36 year later, apart from one afternoon in a pub called Purperen Heide (Purple Heath) in a dreary place called Averbode, where I met a dharma bun who tried to lure me into Buddhism. He nearly succeeded but I was incredible drunk at the time.

We’re very happy with Obama in Europe, a bit too happy if you ask me, but even he can’t resist putting the name of god in every speech he makes. If the Belgian prime minister would end a speech saying 'and may god bless us all' he would probably be forced to resign the day after. We live in a country where there is a strict division between religion and state. Let’s keep it that way, for god’s sake.

Once in a while I’m getting a pleasant surprise while browsing the web, but it is not anymore like it used to be. I still remember the first website we encountered that had a clickable image map, colleagues were gathering around the computer screen to see this new wonder of technology. Perhaps the fact that the image was that of a lady whose clothes you could click away helped a bit as well.

I haven’t bought games for my pc in a long time because all the modern programmers seem to achieve is to clone an old concept and make the intermediate movies a bit longer. I’m still happy with my old Sports Car GT (1999) that I still play from time to time. I guess my most recent commercial game is Cycling Manager dating from 2004. And I’m not going to get on once again about the golden oldies, Transport Tycoon and Theme Hospital that have been glued on my harddisk for decades.

I once mentioned Bugworld and ELU on this blog but the chance is that you missed these if you blinked once too often.

Both are simple simulation games that show competing life forms in a closed sandbox environment and it is up to the player to create a well-balanced, but sometimes fragile, eco-system.

But imagine yourself a game that describes itself as: an ambient real-time strategy game with abstract visuals where the player has to remotely command semi-autonomous self-replicating mining machines to take over an entire asteroid belt.

Isn’t really sexy, is it?

Forget it. It isn’t at all about semi-autonomous self-replicating mining machines. It is about sperm. This is your blogger’s ultimate wet dream; controlling a flock of semen floating around a in a space-warped uterus trying to fertilize an ovum. Not one single ovum, but 10, 20, 30 ova. But beware; even if you have successfully penetrated the egg, warlike enemy sperm armies threaten to overthrow your reign.

Of course it could be just as well a little prince asteroid belt with little fluffy flowery firebirds flying through cyberspace.

Make up your choice. The game is called Dyson and it just has been elected the second best free indie game of the year.

I haven’t been so pleasantly surprised for over decade.

Other freeware games that have amazed (and still keep to amaze) me are:
The Sandbox of God

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When Syd met Iggy (Pt. 1)

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Hello, I would like to try and clarify a couple of things about Ig.
She was a girlfriend of mine.

The above message reached the Reverend a couple of weeks ago. It was written by JenS, a Cambridge friend of Roger Keith Barrett. She is the one who introduced Iggy to the Pink Floyd founder exactly 40 years ago.

Told exclusively to The Church of Iggy the Inuit, and now published for the first time after 40 years, here is her testimony.

When Syd met Iggy... (Pt. 1)
The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit


When Syd met Iggy (Pt. 2)

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Part 2 of the memories of JenS, a mutual friend from Syd Barrett and Iggy the Eskimo, as exclusively told to The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit.

1. It is generally believed that The Madcap Laughs photo sessions, by Storm Thorgerson and/or Mick Rock, took place in the autumn of 1969, a couple of weeks after the album was cut and a short time before it hit the shelves of the record stores.

2. It is generally believed that Iggy has only been living in Syd’s apartment for two or three weeks maximum, during which the famous photo sessions took place, before disappearing completely from the scene. In our previous article JenS situates this in February or March 1969.

The problem is that there is at least a six months gap between both dates. The answer, as usual, can be found at The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit.

Space cowboys

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the face of evil... Last week a madman entered a crèche, murdered two babies and a childcare worker who wanted to protect them and stabbed, wounded and injured several other infants.

Immediately press hounds swept the area trying to find a witness and as there weren't any around anybody who wanted to say anything to a camera was fine as well. One guy had heard from somebody who had heard from nobody that the psychopath had painted his face white and his eyes black.

Scream!”, the press screamed in unison until another retard found out that Heath Ledger, who had played the joker in a Batman movie, had exactly died one year ago (obviously that imbecile had the date wrong). Before anybody with a brain the size of a eurocent could tell this was utterly rubbish the joker scenario had flooded the airwaves. Try to Google it and you see what I mean.

Television journalists of the male kind had visible erections and those of the female species had to swap pantyliners by the dozen. Lawyers, shrinks, movie specialists and utterly unimportant talk show guests were whipped into the studio to give their petty opinions about the joker-killer. Also on Belgian official television station One.

Then came the news that the man had never been in disguise but had just looked very pale with dark hollow eyes. One journalist wiped away some ejaculation stains from her pantaloon and immediately fantasized that the killer was a gothic, a subspecies of the human race dressed in black and loving dark and moody music, and whose main preoccupations are slaughtering innocent babies in small province towns.

I nearly pissed my pants from laughing as I realized that the Belgian government had narrowly escaped from a bloodbath. Inge Vervotte, who resigned as a federal minister of Civil Service and Public Enterprises in December, once admitted that she had been a gothic girl in her schooldays. Probably she had the decency of leaving the government before her urge for blood took over.

Yesterday the mayor of Dendermonde declared that any journalist, although he called them vultures, trying to enter the church at the funerals would be immediately arrested. The league of whorenalists didn’t understand why. They were simply doing their job, weren’t they?

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