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Late Night

Entry 769 posted in: 5. The Pink Thing

Late Night The Late Night forum – a haunt for the Syd Barrett obsessed – as it epithets itself, has changed location and can now be found at http://www.latenightdiscussion.com/.

For the moment there is a discussion going on if this forum should advertise its existence. There are of course pros and cons.


Pro is that people who are seeking information about the life and works of Roger Keith (Syd) Barrett should be able to find this place. If one googles for Syd Barrett (or even tries Syd Barrett Discussion or Forum) Late Night will not be found, at least not on the first half dozen of pages. The initial website that hosted the forum, Astral Piper, says that that the forum has been deactivated. This is only partially true. It would take me too far her to give – again – a historic overview. Well here it is in a nutshell: first came the Astral Piper forum, it started somewhere in 2005 but was abruptly shut down, due to personal problems, in May 2007. An alternative forum, Late Night, was put into place and is still quite alive and kicking but has never been approved (nor mentioned) by the Astral Piper website.


Late Night is a small secretive place, I once joked that you practically need a godfather (or godmother) who invites you to become a member. It is a small village with people that know each other very well. This false notion of intimacy sometimes leads to personal disclosures and emotional outbursts. Less and less Barrett issues are discussed by lack of Syd, although from time to time the odd question is asked if Barrett was wearing green or pink trousers on the 2nd of May 1967. It is not that Late Night is a secret society, with strange rules, rituals and relics; everybody is free to join, provided you can find the entrance to the temple.

Wots... uh the deal?

Deciding in favour for the one or the other is what Günter Grass once defined as the einerseits andererseits dilemma in his novel Kopfgeburten. Eternal Isolation, administrator of Late Night, offers us a partial solution to the problem. The forum will remain low key (the posts will not be indexed by search engines for instance) but individual members may promote its existence on their blogs and websites. And that is exactly what I’m doing right now.

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The Restaurant At The End Of The Typewriter

Entry 778 posted in: 2. DNA, 7. Star Trek - The Original Sucker

But keptin, I can't fire up her engine as well! Douglas Adams (DNA) obviously was one of those persons who graduated summa cum laude at the William Shatner Star Trek Unfinished Projects University. An explanation may be needed here.

In the seventies several attempts were made to resuscitate Star Trek at the movie theatres. Three scripts were made for what laughingly was called Star Trek II: The God Thing, by Gene ‘thank god for miniskirts’ Rodenberry; The Planet of the Titans, Kirk going mad and thinking he’s a Greek god – I kid you not!; and an unnamed blood sucking reptiles take over planet Earth story by Harlan Ellison that would have saved Brazil’s rubber production for the production of lizard suits alone. Every time someone uttered Star Trek and movie in one sentence hordes of lawyers, agents and cocaine delivery boys were summoned and gigantesque sums of money were handed over to the actors of the original series, who were begged not to take any other movie role for the time being. (This is valid proof of the fact that movie people are a bunch of ass-eating monkeys; you must be one sick person to even think that anyone wanted to cast the Star Trek actors for another project.)

After these three aborted attempts there were talks for a new TV series called Phase II. Business as usual: the actors got paid - nothing got produced. But the good thing (probably good is not the right adjective here) was that the pilot from the Phase II series grew into that horrific monster called Star Trek: The Motion Picture (ST:TMP). (Also here the choice of the adjective wasn’t really appropriate: the picture did a lot of things but moving wasn’t actually one of those.) Although ST:TMP contained a lot of miniskirts it was rather disappointing and the tagline that this was the most expensive SF movie ever was only true because the production company had added all previous cost of all aborted projects inside ST:TMP’s budget.

Douglas Adams also was one of those people who were extremely busy producing nothing and getting huge amounts of money for it. To quote Steve Meretzky, co-author of the Hitchhiker Infocom game: “Douglas certainly raised procrastination to an art form.” In 1983 DNA signed a contract with Infocom for 6 (six) text-adventure computer games based on his Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (H2G2) books. The first in the series came out in 1984 and sold a staggering 400 000 copies. But problems arose when Infocom politely reminded Adams that is was about time to think of parts 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 of the series. DNA who, according to his own terms, suffered from sequelitis, came with another idea. Infocom didn’t want to kill the goose with the golden eggs and reluctantly agreed to produce Bureaucracy. When that game came out in 1987, already a couple of years overdue, it sold a mere 40 000 copies. Days of text-adventure games were over. (I stole most of the above from M.J Simpson’s biography: Hitchhiker.)

Although attempts were made to create a second Hitchhiker Infocom game Restaurant At The End Of The Universe it was generally believed that the game never left the development stage. But a few weeks ago, so after more than 20 years, it was announced that a playable prototype does exist.

The full story (it is very long, you are warned!) can be read at the Waxy blog. It is also interesting to browse through the comments as well. These contain contributions, explanations and alternative timelines from Infocom people such as Steve Meretzky (H2G2), Tim Anderson (Bureaucracy), Marc Blank (Infocom VP and creator of Zork) and Michael Bywater (Bureaucracy).

The playable prototype has been published on the web and can be tested at the following URL (Java5 needed): Milliways.

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ArianeB Hack-On

Entry 771 posted in: a. ArianeB

NEW: THE ARIANEB WALKTHROUGHS have now got their own domain:

One of the new made graphics for the game. Erana the Sorceress, what's in a name?, has made an add-on for the popular ArianeB dating simulator. I could go on about this but let's pass the microphone to the girl (?) in question:

To play it, you need to download and install first a copy of version 5.0 of the original game (link deleted, 2009). This add-on is not guaranteed to work with later versions of the game.
There are over 1000 HTML files and over 900 pictures in the game; the add-on includes only the actually modified or new HTML files, so you'll need the remaining original ones in order to play it. The easiest way is to simply copy all the HTML files of the addon (found in the "files" folder) into the "dateariane" folder of the game, overwritting the un-hacked files (you might want to backup them first!).
Also, the add-on ZIP file includes only the new and/or modified images. You'll need the original JPEG files to play, too! Again, the easiest way is to copy all the new pics of the add-on (found in the "images" folder) into the game's own "images" folder (which is itself inside the "dateariane" folder).
The hack includes the following features:
- Several bug fixes, most of them regarding the bikini. Ariane really has trouble with all those bikini knots. :-)
- Changed or added scenes.
It goes without saying that the copyright of all the pics, of the game, and of the source code remains firmly in the hands of the original game's author. Thus, commercial distribution of this hack is prohibited. Even if I (as in: it is I, Erana, the sorceress) were to give you permission (I won't), the original author surely would not. And while a fan add-on for a game that needs the original game to be played is within the fair use rights, making money out of it is certainly not. In other words: if you decide to ask money for this piece of crap and go to jail because of it, don't come whinning back to me. Is your own damn fault.
Hack by Erana the Sorceress. Creating nice spots for playable characters since 1989.

I (as in: It is I, Felix) tried to contact the creator of the original ArianeB game to get his permission to distribute the hack, but alas his mail address is more secret than Xaviera Hollander's address book. The add-on (sounds better than a hack, isn't it?) has got the following 17 features, changes and bugfixes:

  • 1 Basket scene changed to always get the boob flashing
  • 2 French kiss returned to the makingout scene
  • 3 Strip show changed to turn Ariane into a natural born stripper
  • 4 New pics added to the dress and home decor stores, old ones restored to the lingerie's
  • 5 Bar scene changed for extra flashing fun
  • 6 Beach scene vastly expanded
  • 7 Entire Rebecca subplot optionally strung together
  • 8 Yes, you can now have that threesome, but only if you made EVERYTHING right first
  • 9 Hot tub scene rewritten with extra content
  • 10 Finalsex slideshow instead of blank black image
  • 11 Assorted pics in AB's laptop
  • 12 Downtown options expanded
  • 13 Amusement park and nude photoshoots now return home afterwards
  • 14 Drinking, nudity and foreplay limits have been relaxed, but not removed
  • 15 Certain actions now reset the car, stargaze and park options
  • 16 A few surprises in the opening moves
  • 17 Stargazing is now much more rewarding

Oh yeah, probably you are wondering right now were to download this 2 and a half MB goodie. For the moment it is right here on this place, but before you go ahead I would like to warn you that some of the new pics are rather risqué. (Update: download locations deleted as these versions are not valid anymore.)

Note: The internet: where men are men, women are also men, and 13 year old girls are FBI agents. Back to main text.

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ArianeB 5.00 Add-On Walkthrough

Entry 789 posted in: a. ArianeB

NEW: THE ARIANEB WALKTHROUGHS have now got their own domain:

The following hintfile has been written by Erana, the Sorceress who is responsible for the ArianeB 5.0 bug fixing add-on showing some extra scenes and situations. Of course you need to download and install the add-on first. More information how to do that can be found at: ArianeB Hack-On. Before you download the add-on it is also advised to backup your original copy of the Arianeb Dating Simulator. The add-on will only work with version 5.0.


First, the basics. To install the thing, just follow CAREFULLY the instructions in the readme.htm file. No need to repeating myself here!

Intro scene: now you have a shortcut to sidestep it. But, BY YOUR HONOR, don't use it if she never told you to "come back anytime"! ;-)
Drinking, nudity and make-out: drinks limit has been raised to about a dozen, and every drink now resets the stargazing and park options. Nudity is also now allowed by default. Face and top make-out limits have been raised to effectively more than you'll need in the game. Bottom make out limit has been raised by not so much, so you can STILL get the handjob ending if you want. Top make out now also resets the car drive. Kiss-French Kiss returned to couch make out.
Stargazing: you have three choices per stargaze, and you can stargaze in a wider number of situations, with increasingly "interesting" results. Every time you have a drink, the stargazing option is reset, too. Also, you now can not miss unless you actually want to.
Games: the randomness has been removed from basket, you always win and she always flashes you trying to prevent it. Spin the bottle now always yields park photo shoot as it can not be reached otherwise (except through one (1) certain stargazing option). RPS remains random - what's the point otherwise?
Dance laptop pics: you can see Ariane's photos wearing different clothes, based upon the clothes you have managed her to wear (not) ;) The only effect in the game is that if you ask her about a certain nude pic, she will model it live if you "get lucky" later on. Some people have reported trouble exiting the laptop. It's an IE7 problem. Damn Bill Gates. :) Just use backspace. It won't cause problem at this particular part of the game, albeit it would cause them at other points.
Beach scene: going to the beach in a non-romantic context now gives you the option to sit down to admire the view and talk about Ariane's college years. Doing so and choosing the right answers opens the "crazy all-nighter" mode, where you can stay downtown as long as you want and some new options are opened, like the new dresses (sailor suit, silk kimono and Rebecca outfit). Also, going in a romantic context, you now have the possibility of having sex in the beach.
Lingerie store: repeatedly choosing no lingerie reactivates the old (version 4.7) lingerie pics.
Dress store: see above for "crazy time" new pics. Also, buying the white dress activates the "white dress pic" scene later on.
Home decor store: IF you have bought the white dress, you'll be able to buy a print of an older Ariane's photo shoot with a similar dress. If you buy it, you still have the option of remaining downtown, which is needed for later scenes. Some events only happen if you have bought that pic.
Downtown: you have the option to enter every place from downtown, also have the option of returning home, going to the outskirts or taking a trip to the amusement park.
Club: now you can actually exit the bar after having a drink. Also, the Reb and Ari erotic dance is now activated if drinks >= 4. After it, instead of ending the game, you have the choice of going home to the pool, or going to the strip club.
Strip club: Ariane never tires from stripping. Removing the top as the first action still causes you to lose, in case you want to. If Rebecca is with you, you get the option of she coming with you to a pool party, or coming home just with Ariane for hot-tubbing.
Hot tub: you can actually convince her to undress if she is drunk enough. Regular kiss and French kiss are back. If you got the live sex show and play ToD, she DOES accept the "touch your pussy" dare :)
Threesome (the one you all were waiting for I bet): IF you got the crazy time, AND made the live sex show, AND got Ari to show Reb the old white dress pic, AND are playing Marco Polo in the nude, AND exit the pool, Ariane will hook with Reb and she will also offer you to watch them. Whatever you do, don't get distracted later on :) If you stay, you'll have your own sex show while Reb tells Ari how she always had the hots for her, and later you'll have sex with Ariane (only). If you leave them alone like a gentlemen, you won't see them together, a very grateful duo of new girlfriends will allow you to have an extensive sex session with them the next day.
Final sex slide shows: instead of a boring black screen, the final "stay the night" screens gives you several pics. Just click different parts of the screen for them.

This walkthrough by Erana the Sorceress. Creating nice spots for playable characters since 1989.

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Kraft und Karl

Entry 796 posted in: 1. General Mish Mash

I should be more careful with what I write, so told me a good friend. I know. I gave up good manners a while ago soon becoming the fat bellied belching and farting man in the restaurant at the end of my own private puniverse. After dinner mint anyone? Slowly I've become the person I once loathed. A transgression like in an Arthur Machen novel. Taste, even bad one, does change with age.

In 2003, after nearly two decades of doing nothing, the German band Kraftwerk came out with their Tour de France album. I was ecstatic. I tried to explain to people who found the album dull and monotonous that Kraftwerk wanted it to be that way. This was a postmodern representation of a real cycling event: 230 km of monotonous macadammacadammacadam with just a hysterical sprint at the end. Kraftwerk had promoted monotony to an art form. Stuff like that.

The press, who are normally circling like hungry vultures around – what they describe as – dinosaurs of rock, were also extremely gentle to the German band as if Kraftwerk were a kind of electronic Illuminati who may not be contradicted. But that the band could still kick ass was proven on the European MTV awards in 2003 where they mimed Aerodynamik to a generally stunned public. At around 2 minutes 30 (starting from the beginning of the song) an open mike unwillingly records a comment from a baffled bystander: “What the fuck is this?” This, my friend, is Kraftwerk, and to quote a further unknown music journalist: at 50 it is of more importance to be able to say: "I used to be a member of Kraftwerk" then: "I used to be a member of Pink Floyd."(Note)

While Tour de France (TDF) flooded the world like an electronic tsunami a former Kraftwerk band member, Karl Bartos, retorted with a solo album called Communication. Karl had left the band in 1991 allegedly because the other members had been more involved in designing aerodynamic bicycles then in making music. The Communication album was an insult to my ears, and I didn’t hesitate to ventilate my opinion on alt.music.kraftwerk. The Bartos album was Eurotrash to the extreme and I just couldn’t understand that the man behind it was the same dude who had given us such classics as Numbers, Computer Love, The Model and the 1983 prototype of Tour de France.

But anno 2008 none of the TDF tunes have made it onto my iPod while Communication is represented by 10 titles. And I have to confess: each single track of Communication contains enough kling klang material so that Kraftwerk could make an entire album out of it.

I won’t call Communication a good album; I still find it pretty average. But average in a pretty decent way.

Note . I couldn’t trace the source of this quote. But I once read it in a Kraftwerk live performance review. Back to text.

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Much Ado (the sequel)

Entry 806 posted in: 3. Gamebits

Actually not a screenshot of the original Audacity, the excellent freeware audio editor has got a new beta release, but that is not the topic of this post, but now you know it anyway. What I really wanted to say is...

In 2006 I wrote a topic about my most treasured vintage computer games.

Spindizzy was one of those and the original Tetris if my personal RAM is still intact. Anyway if you promise to come back after the intermezzo you can read about it here: Much Ado.

Tetris clones can be downloaded by the dozen, but my favourite amongst those is still the Blockout 3D version from California Dreams that accompanied the original game on my very first 8086 computer. It took me about 30 seconds to trace the game back in my box of floppies. Here is a printout of the about bit (it is amazing that this floppy still works after nearly 20 years):

echo BLOCKOUT - Version 1.0
echo Copyright (c) 1989 Logical Design Works, Inc.

Spindizzy clones are harder to find and the open source remake that was promised for 2007 is still on the design table. The thread on the Retro Remakes forum has now got 21 pages proving there is a certain interest for this remake. If you want to experience the look and feel of Spindizzy you can have a go at a Flash-based clone called Gyroworld. It all looks relatively simple but it is addictive as hell.

Another one of my all-time favourites is Theme Hospital. The 3D clone has now been indefinitely delayed (if one reads between the lines of the Round Donut forum) but apparently the creative team is trying to make a fresh restart in June of this year. It must be the second or third time now that the project is trying to resuscitate so if you don’t want to drop dead in the hospital corridors don’t hold your breath. My endless dwellings on the web in search for some Theme Hospital news lead me to Connection Endpoint. Alexander Gitter did some reverse engineering on the original Theme Hospital game, hoping that someone would catch his drift and turn it into an open source project. But alas…

The original 2006 topic about my top 3 games ended with the sentence: “And what about the best game ever then?” I realize now that I have never concluded that post. I have never stated here what is, in my own not so humble opinion, the best game ever.

Well, let me tell you… but just another time. First I’m going to have a go at it first. You will not have to wait for another year, I promise you that.

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Entry 810 posted in: 3. Gamebits

I once met this young guy, bright, slightly nerdy computer chap, who liked to travel to Jamaica in order to inhale some of the local herbs and drink a few gallons of rum. But his finest hour came when he discovered Thailand and its abundance of sweet smelling Rosies.

After each visit he came home loaded with original Thai movies, music and software. One of these packages contained a fine selection of DOS computer games: Links 386 Pro (the best golf simulator of the mid Nineties, later bought by Microsoft), Sim City 2000, Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure (remind me to dedicate a post in the near future to this incredible adventure) and something that I would almost like to call the best game ever. It involved trains, planes and automobiles and its main purpose was to transport people, mail, coal, iron ore, cattle and grain from one place to another (and making money out of it).

Sounds simple? It wasn’t always.

Building railroads was its most rewarding feature. Since 1995 I have lost lost countless hours of my unfruitful life just watching the avant-garde interactive ballet of trains and semaphores.

Its name: Transport Tycoon.

I just called Transport Tycoon almost the best game ever. That is because a year later, that must have been 1995, Chris Sawyer released Transport Tycoon Deluxe or TTD (sometimes TTDL). The most interesting improvement of the game was a new set of semaphores enabling a greater control on the train tracks.

TTD migrated with every computer that I owned. It was playable under DOS (obviously), Win 3.11, Win95, Win98 (and ME), but when I finally purchased me an XP machine one of the biggest counterpoints of that operating system was that Transport Tycoon Deluxe refused to run on it.

Lucky for me there were a bunch of TTD enthusiasts who found that it was about time to make this game playable under XP as well. TTDPatch not only made the game XP compatible, it also gave the players from the third Millennium the change to pimp up the game (originally TTDPatch had been created by Josef Drexler to solve a few bugs). Nowadays over 160 new features can be switched on (or off): new graphics, new vehicles, new industries, new signals and so on and so on… As the readme file says…

Now you'll be able to own 240 trains, 240 road vehicles, 240 planes and 240 ships, and altogether up to 40,000 vehicles. Also you can have larger stations, with up to 7 platforms, each with a length of up to 7 squares, or even mammoth trains with up to 126 carriages.
New Signals: Pre-signals offer a new way to guide your trains and allow very small, yet efficient stations.
New Graphics: TTDPatch enables new vehicles with new and exciting graphics, and supports making even more vehicles with a new add-on mechanism.
Other conveniences, including refittable train engines, mixed stations with different types of trains, selectable station goods, more useful "full load" option, the ability to use realistic acceleration on mountains, or turn off the effects of curves and mountains entirely, and much, much more.

TTDPatch soon grew into a very slick little GUI, with Windows style wizards, checkboxes and switches (no need anymore to manually alter some code somewhere on a initialization file) and has the ability to upgrade and download new graphic files on the fly. It also has the very neat possibility to downgrade back to the previous fail-safe version if something goes wrong.

With TTDPatch still being very active a new project saw the light of day: OpenTTD. This open source project still uses the graphic files of the original game but has released its own executable. OpenTTD tries to incorporate the best of TTD and the TTDPatch although the two projects have diverged a bit the last couple of years. OpenTTD runs on about 20 different operating systems, including Linux and Vista, and multiplayer abilities (using LAN or Internet) have been fully integrated.

Some features of the TTDPatch are not implemented in OpenTTD and vice versa but it seems that the battle of the Transport Tycoon cloning devices is slowly tilting in favour of OpenTTD. Not so long ago a developer from the first project announced that he was changing sides and if my opinion can be of any service here, I also have made the switch from Patch to Open a couple of months ago.

Transport Tycoon has entered the 21st century and it is probably still going to be around for a while. Strangely enough the only person who is unwilling to see that is the original author of the game, Chris Sawyer, who writes on his FAQ:

Neither the DOS version nor the Win95 version will run under Windows 2000 or XP. The changes required for Transport Tycoon Deluxe Win95 to run under Windows 2000/XP are probably minimal, but it's unlikely it will ever be updated unless the time and costs can be justified by potential sales and the willingness of the publisher to market an updated version.

Apparently he has never heard of OpenTTD or of TTDPatch but he will have my eternal blessings for making the greatest game on Earth - ever.

And then there is still the story to tell of my geeky friend who lend me his copy of Transport Tycoon. He finally decided to move to Thailand, married a Hard Rock Café waitress and they got a son. After a couple of years his computer shop started to become a business but before he could grow into the Thai equivalent of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates his vintage Volkswagen was crushed into a million pieces by a passing truck. As a matter of fact, so was he...

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Twinsen Ma Non Troppo

Entry 817 posted in: 3. Gamebits

Deadly simple? Simply dead! I urgently need to stop writing about these games I’ve once played. Remembering LBA (Little Big Adventure aka Relentless in the USA) in a previous post Tycooning was enough for me to go hunting after it. I soon found the floppy version (only 13 MB) and thanks to Dosbox I could play it in a jiffy.

I tried it for a couple of days and decided that the floppy version wasn’t exactly what I wanted, although it does contain the complete game, but without the vocals and the intermediate movies. So I went webbing at the market-for-free for a cd version. Now I want to tell you, girls and boys, that I am totally opposed to downloading copyrighted games. But LBA is presently floating in a grey area that game aficionados call Abandonware and – AND – I used to have a completely legal - official - original cd of LBA in the past but I can’t find it anymore, honestly. Probably I lend it to somebody who never bothered to give it back. Not that this comment would carry much weight at the court of law.

Finding a cd version of LBA isn’t hard, there are several versions floating on the web, but making it run was nearly an adventure as exciting as playing LBA itself. Dosbox has the ability to masquerade a folder on your drive as a virtual cd-drive, provided you have a so-called image of the cd you want to store on the harddisk, and that is what I wanted to test.

One 460 MB download contained a NRG file but it wasn’t recognised as a valid cd image. I extracted the file with Izarc so that its directory structure was revealed and created an ISO file out of it, using an utility called ImgBurn. This time Dosbox mounted the ISO-image without a problem and I could install LBA from the virtual cd drive (D:\) on a virtual dos drive (C:\).

The Magicball forum was very helpful in showing me how to setup the sound card configuration for the game:

D: [Enter]
Install [Enter]
Choose your language
Hard Disk Installation
Music Sound Card Configuration: "Sound Blaster Pro 1 (OPL2)", "220"
FX Sound Card Configuration: "Sound Blaster Pro 1", "220", "7", "1"
Speech Configuration: "Keep Speech Files on Hard Disk - YES"
Save Parameters

But when I wanted to start the game I got an error that there was still no cd present. Blast, blast and triple blast! This was a dead end for sure. But if Twinsen, the hero of LBA, refused to give up trying to save his world from the dictatorial reign from the evil FunFrock, so would I.

µTorrent lead me to a 496 MB archive that contained a cd IMG file that was created with yet another cd-copying tool. Bingo! Here is how my Dosbox configuration file looks like now:

mount C C:\Download\Lba
imgmount D "C:\Download\LbaCD\LBA1.img" -t iso

Although Twinsen’s world is populated with hilarious bunnies and funny elephants that seem to have escaped from a Teletubbies show it doesn’t mean that this is a child game, quite the contrary. If a hostile elephant grabs you he clobbers you to death as in a Quentin Tarantino movie and there are several really-very-close-to-suicide missions (the screenshot above-left shows an unhappy encounter with an armed Rabbibunny clone) .

It took me several hours to get through the Temple of Bù (rolling logs, spitting fire balls, murderous skeletons) and believe me; it can be very frustrating to get through a maze of blazing mitraillette fire only to be killed at the end by a soldier who comes out of the toilet.

On the other hand LBA is very humorous in a kind of continental way, LBA was (is) a French game and thus PC (as in political correctness) is not casting its evil shadow over it. The second LBA game, so I recall, started with a very proud Twinsen who shows us his big-bellied girlfriend, and correct me if I am wrong, there are not many games around where the protagonist has a pregnant wife to care for.

I was amused to find out that there is still a rather active LBA community on the web, with people trying to make a fan-based Twinsen prequel and others still hoping for the release of LBA3, a project that was stopped when the original company merged / disappeared / went bankrupt (just pick your choice). Apparently the original makers of the game still try to revive the interest for the third part of the trilogy . But for the moment all that there is to read on their website is: coming soon

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