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Wikipedia article has been deleted

Entry 263 posted in: 3. Gamebits

Altough several fans of the game tried to save the Wikipedia article on Penumbra, the article has been deleted. Some reasons why (and why not) can be found here:
Wikipedia: Articles for deletion / Penumbra (game) (broken link).

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Dutch Localisation file 0.80

Entry 264 posted in: 3. Gamebits

I played a few games in Dutch and the file has now been changed into version 0.80.

Na een aantal spelletjes heb ik wat aanpassingen gedaan. Een aangepast taalbestand, versie 0.80 van 20 juli 2006, staat nu op de Penumbra site.

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Walkthru Update

Entry 265 posted in: 3. Gamebits

My walkthru / hintsfile has been updated a little bit.
Not to spoil the fun I don't give the *exact* solutions in this file:

  • you still have to read the notes / mails in the game to find the access codes
  • you'll have to find the solution yourself to grab the gasoline / power chord / climb into the ceiling hatches, etc...

Penumbra Walkthru

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Penumbra Overture Announced

Entry 266 posted in: 3. Gamebits

The makers of the Penumbra demo have the following exciting news:

Today we would like to announce that a commercial version of Penumbra, called Penumbra - Overture, is in development.
The game will feature the same story as the tech demo, but will go go alot more indepth on what has happened on the Greenland and with your late father. There will also be some new gameplay features, for example a new mouse driven melee system.
Check out the www.frictionalgames.com mainpage for two new screenshots.

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What is the Shot-Online calculator for?

Entry 267 posted in: d. Shot-Online Calculator

The Shot-Online calculator is a (simple) Excel sheet that calculates the distance of your shot for the popular free online golf simulation Shot-Online.

Some players use tables and a calculator to estimate the influence of the underground, wind, lie, weather conditions and temperature, but I wanted to automatize it a little bit and put everything in an Excel sheet.

Using this tool is not considered illegal by Shot-Online rules. But the following is (quoted from a mail I received today):

set up another pc next to the one I use to play the game. set up another mouse on the game pc. have that mouse somehow connected to the second pc and give the second pc control of your game pc mouse. then you can always get 100% accuracy and you can exactly dimension your power level.

Please do not use my Excel sheet tables to hack into the game.

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Minor Update

Entry 268 posted in: d. Shot-Online Calculator

The Shot-Online pages have now been updated and show a link to the general blog.

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Open Source Theme Hospital Clone Announced

Entry 269 posted in: 3. Gamebits

Amongst the dozen best games of all times is Bullfrog's Theme Hospital. Although a bit old-fashioned in the graphics area it has a kind of absurd humor that is hard to find in most games nowadays. More info on the original game can be found here:
Wikipedia's Theme Hospital entry
and this is the Holy Grail for would-be players
Ian's Theme Hospital Clinic

I'm quite thrilled by the fact that a few developers have the intention to make a 21st century clone of the game:

"Hospital Tycoon is intended to be an Open Source, 3D recreation of the game Theme Hospital published in 1997. Hospital Tycoon will feature all new 3D artwork and content based upon the original artwork of Theme Hospital to maintain a genuine feel. It will also feature new recorded music based upon the styles presented in the original. Its multi player abilities will allow players to connect to each other using direct IP connections, LAN, and the ability to join a server (host) based 'lobby'.

I wish the developers all the luck with this project. More info can be found on their site:
Hospital Tycoon 3D (broken link).

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A man called Syd

Entry 270 posted in: 5. The Pink Thing, 6. Self-Made Monsters

About a year, a year and a half, ago I had this splendid idea of making a small Flash based game, basically a point and click puzzle that would use Pink Floyd covers (mostly by Hipgnosis) in a kind of interactive way. I made a preloader (a pink pig, of course) and an introduction that consisted of 16 Floyd covers that had to be clicked in chronological order during the game.

Puzzle #1 (of 16!) was based on the famous See Emily Play 'train' cover that uses a drawing from Syd Barrett himself. Add to that the apocryphal story that Syd Barrett named the band after he had had an encounter with a flying saucer and - bingo - this is were the first puzzle came in.

I started making puzzle two, based on the A Saucerful Of Secrets cover, but this was deleted (read the introduction for that) and the projects was abandoned...

This was not my first Flash encounter with Syd Barrett. When Dion Johnson started his much acclaimed Astral Piper (The New Syd Barrett Appreciation Society) website he wanted the members to send in a poem or some 'art'. I made a small Flash movie but that was rejected as only gifs or jpegs were allowed. Although a screenshot of the Flash movie made it into the gallery the movie itself was not published.

I have now glued these two files together and the result is here: Syd Barrett Unfinished. Nothing to be proud of but I am not ashamed either.

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