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What is the Shot-Online calculator for?

Entry 267 posted in: d. Shot-Online Calculator

The Shot-Online calculator is a (simple) Excel sheet that calculates the distance of your shot for the popular free online golf simulation Shot-Online.

Some players use tables and a calculator to estimate the influence of the underground, wind, lie, weather conditions and temperature, but I wanted to automatize it a little bit and put everything in an Excel sheet.

Using this tool is not considered illegal by Shot-Online rules. But the following is (quoted from a mail I received today):

set up another pc next to the one I use to play the game. set up another mouse on the game pc. have that mouse somehow connected to the second pc and give the second pc control of your game pc mouse. then you can always get 100% accuracy and you can exactly dimension your power level.

Please do not use my Excel sheet tables to hack into the game.

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