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Open Source Theme Hospital Clone Announced

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Amongst the dozen best games of all times is Bullfrog's Theme Hospital. Although a bit old-fashioned in the graphics area it has a kind of absurd humor that is hard to find in most games nowadays. More info on the original game can be found here:
Wikipedia's Theme Hospital entry
and this is the Holy Grail for would-be players
Ian's Theme Hospital Clinic

I'm quite thrilled by the fact that a few developers have the intention to make a 21st century clone of the game:

"Hospital Tycoon is intended to be an Open Source, 3D recreation of the game Theme Hospital published in 1997. Hospital Tycoon will feature all new 3D artwork and content based upon the original artwork of Theme Hospital to maintain a genuine feel. It will also feature new recorded music based upon the styles presented in the original. Its multi player abilities will allow players to connect to each other using direct IP connections, LAN, and the ability to join a server (host) based 'lobby'.

I wish the developers all the luck with this project. More info can be found on their site:
Hospital Tycoon 3D (broken link).

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