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A man called Syd

Entry 270 posted in: 5. The Pink Thing, 6. Self-Made Monsters

About a year, a year and a half, ago I had this splendid idea of making a small Flash based game, basically a point and click puzzle that would use Pink Floyd covers (mostly by Hipgnosis) in a kind of interactive way. I made a preloader (a pink pig, of course) and an introduction that consisted of 16 Floyd covers that had to be clicked in chronological order during the game.

Puzzle #1 (of 16!) was based on the famous See Emily Play 'train' cover that uses a drawing from Syd Barrett himself. Add to that the apocryphal story that Syd Barrett named the band after he had had an encounter with a flying saucer and - bingo - this is were the first puzzle came in.

I started making puzzle two, based on the A Saucerful Of Secrets cover, but this was deleted (read the introduction for that) and the projects was abandoned...

This was not my first Flash encounter with Syd Barrett. When Dion Johnson started his much acclaimed Astral Piper (The New Syd Barrett Appreciation Society) website he wanted the members to send in a poem or some 'art'. I made a small Flash movie but that was rejected as only gifs or jpegs were allowed. Although a screenshot of the Flash movie made it into the gallery the movie itself was not published.

I have now glued these two files together and the result is here: Syd Barrett Unfinished. Nothing to be proud of but I am not ashamed either.

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