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Naiture: Artifical Planet Update Announced

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If you are the kindaguy who just likes to watch how things evolve slowly, rather than to click and shoot ten times a second, then Artificial Planet is the game for you. I am not even sure if it is a game so let us call it a simulation instead.

To quote the creators: AI.Planet is a virtual world for artificial intelligence. The environment has water, land, suns, moons, and atmosphere. Plants, animals, fish, and insects can be added to create a dynamic ecosystem. Clouds, rain, wind, lightning, rivers, and icebergs naturally arise from the sun and other influences.

All it does is to create a kind of dynamic fishbowl on your desktop that you can watch for hours and if you are really pissed of by it all you can throw in a meteorite and see how the world interacts with that.

My kind of game.

The creators have now announced a sequel, called Naiture. One that is bolder and simpler. It promises to be a radical improvement on the first version, with the focus on the development of a special new artificial consciousness design. The next evolution will be leaner and meaner, with some cool features you might not expect.

Read more at: Artificial Planet

Edit: AI.Planet will only run on old computers and is apparently not compatible with the latest drivers.

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