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Well that last post (Naiture: Artifical Planet Update Announced) was quite a drag wasn't it? When I pressed the icon that had been hiding on my desktop for years all the game did was creating the following logfile:

Detected monitors = 1
Loading settings...
Creating f3D
Saving settings...
Goodbye! :)

Although the specs on the website read that you need the latest drivers to run the simulation, several forums that I consulted recommended NOT to use a modern driver as the software is simply too old (3 years seems to be a lifetime in PC-world) . I remember that the game did run about 6 months ago on my PC but since then I had to update some boring stuff to make some other boring stuff run. That's progress for you!

Oh well. We'll wait for the update then.

But for those that can't wait any longer I browsed my hard disk and found some other live-life-simulations.

Bugworld, an original idea from Eric Burgess, but enhanced by Lorenzo De Vittori and ELU, that can be downloaded in two different versions. This last site also leads you towards two other simulation games: Seeds and Pixiquarium.

Links leading to links leading to links, could be an interesting idea for a simulation, isn't it?

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