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Tukler's Time Treatment

Entry 280 posted in: b. Dirk Gently

Tukler was one of the people who gave me an answer on the How Does Dirk Gently Really Ends? question through the Douglas Adams NG.

S P O I L E R S  A H E A D

When they discovered they had 2 minutes left, they didn't to anything to stop the ghost at that time, but activated the time machine and travelled forward in time to Coleridge's time, and prevent Coleridge to write the second part of Kubla Khan.

Another theory, which I support, about its meaning in the book is that it doesn't have a real meaning in itself but it was a test who the ghost was making on Coleridge to see if he was easy to possess, like the others he made with Reg and Richard, and then make him do something other, like visit Reg's time machine, like Reg said.

In some way this lead the ghost to not be able anymore, in the future, to remember that he had to come back in time with Reg's time machine. Besides Reg destroyed the ghost's ship (this is what almost everybody thinks the flare in the sky, Reg's "sorry" to Richard and the Reg's giving the music to Bach for not to lose it forever means) and dismantled his time machine, so the ghost would have had anyway no reason and no way to go back in time.

When they went back to the standard time and everything was resolved, and those "2 minutes" would not have happened. If we think that a ghost, which stays still in the Earth because he has some mission to accomplish, could go away, besides fulfilling his task, even if he has no way at all to manage to do it, maybe the ghost would have been disappeared.

This story presents some little time paradoxes, but if we stick to DNA's way and think only about the current universe in which the current characters are currently living, it kind of works. We don't have to bother what happened when the ghost tried to stop life to begin, because in the present universe it just didn't happen.

Now, in my current universe and in my current time zone, it's 2:45 and it's time to sleep.

I hope I have been clear and have not confused you more.

So far Tukler's comment that I appreciate very much, the following days I will publish some more answers from the past (Google is really a time machine you know), including some nitty witty time paradoxes I still can't live with...

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