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Tukler's Revenge

Entry 286 posted in: b. Dirk Gently

Tukler was one of the people who gave me an answer on the How Does Dirk Gently Really Ends question and when I replied that I didn't buy that explanation, he came up with this. (The underneath text has been edited a bit)

S P O I L E R S  A H E A D

I understand your point of view and agree that it is possible to think that when travelling forward in time they would be travelling in an earth which is already de-humanized by the ghost.

But... who are we to state this? Do we have any knowledge at all about time travelling? I do not think so... I think nobody could say what would happen in this kind of situation if it does not happen and is studied. So I don't think we could criticize DNA because he wrote something that doesn't perfectly fit into the way we imagine things could happen, especially if we are not sure at all about it.

  • He writes about ghosts although many of us don't believe in them, he writes about possessed people although many of us don't believe in it,
  • he writes about Richard who got hypnotized and then throws himself on a river out of the blue when he hears a certain sentence,
  • he writes about time travels, aliens, electric monks,
  • he writes about Reg who lived for an unspecified number of years..

...and we complain about an incongruence in something we think would happen in another way? I think we are all intrigued by time travels, their mechanics and how everything fits at the end of the story in many books and movies about it, but we can't argue about time travel philosophy and say that something is wrong..

By the way, I think that from what we know (almost nothing) time travel mechanics could also work in the way they do in the book. I am total ignorant in quantum physics, but one implication of it is that you can not guess the state of something until you actually verify it. Until that moment it could be in every possible state and it only acquires one in the moment you verify it. (Actually DNA talks about Schrödinger’s Cat... could it be an hint about the way we should understand the final?)

I am starting to believe in it like an electric monk.

Therefore, nor our heroes nor the time travel nor the time travelling mechanics who are withstanding the Ka-Boom timeline could exactly know if the ghost is going to succeed in avoiding the explosion...

  • he could be killed by the atmosphere (would the scuba diver suit really protect him?),
  • he could change his mind and walk away,
  • he could be killed by himself (what was he actually going to do? Meet himself and tell him not to try to start the ship?),
  • he could simply not be believed, or anyway
  • he could succeed and the ship could be blown away by something other...

I mean, nobody and nothing could be sure that the ship wasn't going to blow until these two minutes (at least) would pass, so the time travel would happen in an aleatory moment, and going forward in time you would arrive, in the uncertainty, in a safe-state-world which is the one that would exist without the aleatory action.

I know that this argument doesn't sound as something that could obviously work, but for me it is as good as the "he was going to do it, so if we travel in a future world we would see a world with all the aftermaths of it" argument... they could both be true or false because we don't know anything about it.

Comment from Felix Atagong.

I like this explanation. A time traveller is like Schrödinger's cat, and as long he is travelling and altering time-space-whatever you cannot be sure of the outcome. I still do not fully understand it but my soul is now finally at peace.

Bye bye and till the next time.

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