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The Dirk Gently Time Travel Thread

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If you happen to read this blog on a regularly basis, what I don't believe at all by the way, then you may have seen, and probably not read, several posts about Douglas Adams. In Dirk Gently's first adventure the holistic detective meets

A: a retired time lord who isn't called a time lord for copyright reasons so I assume (Douglas Adams used to write for Doctor Who at the Beeb.) and;
B: a few ghosts:
B stroke 1: one pathetic one who tries to phone home to whisper a last message to his sister and;
B stroke 2: another ghost who tries to travel back into time to undo the things that turned him into a ghost to begin with.

Now a blog is a bit like a timeline: things that were published a while ago are canned inside the archives, while things that have been posted recently are flourishing in the 'present' section of the blog.

This is of course utterly confusing as my thread about Dirk Gently started with a problem in the past while possible solutions have been posted in the immediate future, that has become the past as well now that you read this. If you start reading the top story in the Dirk Gently category you will find out after some time that it is really the wrapping up from the posts before, so you better start reading from bottom to top if you catch my drift.

Not to confuse you even more, gentle reader, I put here the threads in ascending chronological order: first post first, last post last. Or is that descending? One never knows with these time paradoxes. Anyway you may read from top to bottom here, I guess.

Gentle Ghosts 
Tukler's Time Treatment 
2001: A Time Odyssey 
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The Wrath Of Kubla Khan 
Tukler's Revenge 

In my search for possible theories about Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency I stumbled upon this, so if you still haven't got enough of it, here it is:
An Invalid Ending

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