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Seiklus (again)

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Not a lot happening 'ere, oy, last week. Wot have I been doin' you might think. Well after I had written a small piece on Seiklus I could not resist the game anymore, so I played it once again. Twice in fact. In a row. First time I got pissed of because I only reached 99% of the game. Second time was slightly better.

Seiklus is about the best - retro style - game I have encountered so far. And even more important, it is freeware. Totally freeware. It has been made with Mark Overmars's Game Maker that looks like a cheap & simple click'n play game making utility until you start looking at the engine. But perhaps more on Game Maker later, back to Seiklus for the moment.

Seiklus is a classic jump and grab and hit and take the diamonds 2D scroller with a twist. Your hero is a little man, who looks a bit like something that you have fished out of your nose. He literally lives on a cloud, and the first thing the little sucker wants to do after he has been hurled by a passing meteor to the ground, is to get back to the wife. For that he needs to enter a gate, but before that gate will open he needs to collect some medallions that are well kept in treasure chests. On his quest he can grab some hovering or floating round things that does not seem to harm him and only make his score go up. That is it basically.

Seiklus, if that is the little bugger's name, cannot die, does not need to use arms and can survive in the bowels of a fish for at least a few hours. Pretty neat huh!

Seiklus can be found here. And a complete walkthrough.

Some good advice (little spoiler):
1. to get 100% don't go directly to the wife when you see here - first take all the goodies that still need to be collected and then go and have a beer at the local palace
2. don't save during the flying hippo scene - sometimes these critters are so aggressive that they screw up the game completely.

And now I shut up about it.

For a while.

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