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Tourette's Planet (18+)

Entry 290 posted in: 6. Self-Made Monsters

The Unfinished Projects category was originally set up for those old ideas that are floating in my brain but that were not realized for a lot of obvious silly reasons. The fact that I have not started cataloguing these projects on this page is because I am using exactly the same obvious silly reasons for not opening my blog editor.

So here is an idea I came up with this week, perhaps it could turn into a short science fiction story as the plot is really too meagre to full a complete novel.

The trigger that started it all is the news that Telecom Italia illegally wiretapped thousands of its clients, probably to sell the secrets to the highest bidder. Illegal intelligence activities are mushrooming and apparently we, us, and them cannot be bothered anymore. When the Echelon email analysis network was discovered the European Union seemed to say: “it exists, so what”? Swift bank data is sifted in order to trace terrorist money and not a single entrepreneur finds this an intrusion of free enterprise. Illegal CIA flights move suspects, kidnapped from the European Union, to secret prisons in states were torture is consider a way of life but this is a thing we have to learn to live with…

All this has lead to a situation were people do not communicate anymore in a normal way. Mails, letters, and everyday conversation have been enriched with pornographic, racist, xenophobe, aggressive phrases, insults, and stop words. The result is that the intelligence services cannot make the difference anymore between real and fake security threats. (This situation is not entirely impossible, it has been claimed that the East-German secret service Stasi had so many informants giving so many irrelevant facts that the service crumbled under its own weight.)

Then there is the man (or woman or person) who has enough of all this and who starts speaking and writing civilised again. Now this is a menace the secret service deals with immediately. Because his/her messages spring out in the open and are immediately trapped by the bots.

He/she is abducted, tortured and will only be set free when he/she shouts to the evil goat fucking son of a bitch hangman/woman/person that his/her/its mother will be raped by his/her/its dog and that his/her/its daughter’s squirting masturbation web cam sessions will be uploaded to an active popular pederast blog.

Like I said, not enough in it for a full novel, unless you name is Dan Brown of course…

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