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The Sandbox Of God

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The Sandbox Of God Does anybody remember Tetris? The original, I mean. It came in three flavours, if my memory is correct. Etetris in EGA, Ctetris in CGA and Vtetris that had a staggering 16 colours! After a few years I put Tetris for Windows on my computer, mainly because my original Tetris disk had become unplayable, but that version never gave me the same kicks as the DOS version.

Speaking about my old computer, I still have got it somewhere. A 286 beauty with 150 megabyte, containing Windows 3.11, Microsoft Office, three dozen of DOS and Windows games and still the disk is more than half empty. DOS were the days... Remember me some night to blog about my Amstrad 6128 as well. Now that is what I call a computer!

Those memories all came back by playing The Sandbox Of God, a 2004 freeware click'n watch game by Mr. Chubigans. The game starts at a barren desolate world: Earth.

    Nine buttons are presented to the player:
  • trees,
  • thunder,
  • rain,
  • meteor,
  • man,
  • earthquake,
  • wind,
  • scorch, and
  • rabbit.

By pressing a button you put the object on Earth (trees, men, rabbits) or perform the depicted action (thunder, rain, wind). Because the storyline evolves differently, according to the sequence of the pressed buttons, your final outcome will be different from scene to scene and from game to game.

The story itself is monotonous, the graphics are tacky, but in a strange way the game is very addictive. Before you know it hours have gone by because you still have not managed to create Volcano city or instigate world peace between rabbits and men.

The game can be downloaded at Vertigo Gaming and has been created using Mark Overmars's Game Maker.

Update: SoG has been updated to version 1.52 in January 2010, see: The Sandbox Of God 1.52 – Year 2010 

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