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Under The Vulcano (Sandbox Of God Walkthrough Part 3)

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Sandbox of God The Sandbox Of God really is an amazing game. By combining natural phenomena and godly interventions the inhabitants of Earth and their habitat evolve in different ways.

The game travels through 7 chapters, each representing a certain period of our Earth, starting in 1.000.000 years BC and ending in 2100 AD. Depending from the (previous and actual) situation several icons are shown on the screen. Clicking these will trigger some actions.

Some of these actions are pretty straightforward, it is obvious that rain will generate a forest out of a tree and that the same forest will nourish animals and humans, but how on Earth does one create a lake, a volcano or a cave out of a meteor?

The SoG website gave you some hints and then some other before but for those who don't want to experiment with all the settings in the game, or those who are really stuck, here is part 3 of the graphical walkthrough, made by yours truly... simply click the icons in the same order as they have been presented here... (Kudos to John who posted several solutions on Jay Is Games)

This walkthrough is compatible with version 1.56 (August 2010)

F U N  S P O I L E R S  A H E A D

Volcano, Rock City and Rabbitworld (Sandbox of God Walkthrough Part 3)

Men runs away from the erupting volcano and tries to settle down in the woods were the rabbits live. Playing by these walkthroughs takes away most of the fun in the game...

1.000.000 years BC, let's make a volcano...

Tree Rain Meteor Rabbits Earthquake

Divine Intervention

Thunder Scorch Man Wind

Year 1 AD, Rock City here we come...
Now the Volcano is a fact a new icon will appear.

Volcano Eruption Thunderstorm Holy Sign Heat

Do Nothing

Freeze Wind

Year 500 AD, farmland to help the humans...

Farmland Rain Rest

Divine Intervention

Gold Plague

Year 1000 AD, a code from heaven...
By the way, did you notice that the code from heaven looks a bit like an easter egg?
Update 2010: the easter eggs have been disabled in the 2010 version of the game.

Silver Holy Sign Thunderstorm Rest

Divine Intervention

Year 1500 AD, rabbitworld...

Silver Plague Thunder Rest

Divine Intervention

Year 2000 AD, let's get it over with...

Plague Medicine Rest

Year 2100 AD, the easy way out...


Playing this sequence after the two first walkthroughs will give you a small but necessary upgrade to 78.00%. Still a lot of empty spaces on the checklist though. How to fulfill these will be explained one of the the following days... if god, dog or blog doesn't forbid...

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