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This Satanic Trip

Entry 298 posted in: 2. DNA

OK, I admit. I am in my Douglas Adams period. During those periods all that I touch, all that I see, all that I taste, and all I feel circles around DNA. However, you have to admit, the man was a genius. But also a shrewd entrepreneur.

He made Hitchhiker radio shows (on the air, on vinyl, on CD and even on DVD), books, comics, a computer game, a television show, a (rather bad) movie, and even a towel. The man did not only look like one but was also a mogul of good taste. He even played on stage with Pink Floyd. For his birthday. Just like that. What you gonna do for your birthday? Oh, I think I will jam a bit with Pink Floyd in a room with 30,000 spectators. Should be fun.

Of course it was a fine designed master plan. Nearly every sidestep in one of his novels can be extrapolated into a new adventure. And thus the novel Life, the Universe and Everything, whose title was, by the way, taken out of one of his other books, contained a sentence that become the plot for yet another one, other than the first other, if you can still follow me on this trip through Adams's parallel paradise.

Starship Titanic, or fully titled, Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic, was not written by DNA, but was commissioned by him to a parrot, not a dead parrot of course, but a living one. Terry Jones, who used to be a full Monty Python in his glory days, did the deed.

So far for the introduction. Now for the book. What could be better then to quote a bit?

"Yarktak, Edembop, Raguliten, Desembo, Luntparger, Forzab, Kakit, Zimwiddy, Duterprat, Kazitinker-Rigipitil, Purzenhakken, Roofcleetop, Spanglowiddin, Buke-Hammadorf, Bunzlywotter, Brudelhampon, Harzimwodl, Unctimpoter, Golholiwol, Dinseynewt, Tidoloft, Cossimiwip, Onecrocodil, Erklehammerdrat, Inchbewigglit, Samiliftodft, Buke-Willinujit..."

You may have guessed it; it is full of aliens. Some of them even have sex with an Earth specimen, and that goes a bit like this: "It sounded as if they might have been playing polo, or doing a bit of water-skiing all mixed in with some pretty serious weight-lifting. "

Not bad at all.

The best part of the book is saved till the end. It is a picture. Of the author. Sitting in front of his bookcase. Laptop on his lap. Naked.

By the way: Starship Titanic is also a computer game. Not a towel... yet...

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