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Thingamablog 2.0 on its way

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If you don't have a webserver that allows database actions, php, asp and all that stuff and you want to make a blog of your own then you have two choices:

  1. subscribe to a free blogging service or;
  2. install Thingamablog

It was already announced here that Bob from Thingamablog (TAMB for short) was working on an update of this rather good piece of software (to make it excellent it still has a few minor bugs that should be cleared out).

He finally found some time to explain what version 2.0 will bring, but first the bad news: "There's still a bit to do before a usable alpha version emerges, and I can't give a set date, but the finish line is in sight and getting nearer every day."

What to expect in 2.0? Well, most of the 1.0 code base has been redesigned, rebuilt and expanded upon and is, of course, backwards compatible with TAMB 1.x blog data. Below is a quick summary of some of the new features.

  1. Extensible Entries (this means stickies)
  2. An extended version of the Thingamablog Template Language
  3. Customizable Template Files (monthly, weekly, daily archives, a photo gallery page)
  4. Custom Tags
  5. Remote Posting (ability to post to a blog via POP3 / email)
  6. Remote Syncing (ability to sync up different copies of TAMB from different locations - still in a very early stage of development - so it will perhaps not show up in TAMB 2.0 but perhaps at a later stage)

This news was originally posted at the TAMB forum where you can read Bob's original (more extended and detailed) message.

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