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Instead of cleaning my house like I promised to my dear lady I have been converting my webpages to UTF-8, another one of those daft html standards they come up with every now and then. Not that my pages weren't 'readable' or something, but in order to make a Google-XML-sitemap with Endsheet they had to be UTF-8. Don't ask me why. Don't ask me what UTF-8 stands for, although I have a pretty good idea now about the F letter.

The blog pages are already in UTF-8, Thingamablog does that automatically, but I also have some handmade beauties on my site. My html-editors all save these html files like they want to do. No questions asked. Nobody thought about the necessity, five years ago, to have a button saying: is there any particular gobbledygook format you would like me to save your file to?

So good old Arachnophilia for Windows and 1stPage 2000, (I deleted the crappy 1stPage 2006 about 3 days after I had downloaded it), the editors I use the most, have more or less become redundant then. Not!

I browsed the web for a couple of hours and finally found out that Tidy HTML is a utility that checks your html files for errors and can even change them into UTF-8. The problem is that Tidy is a command line utility and that it takes a lot of reading small text before you can make it work. And I'm very bad at reading small print.

But HTML-Kit, considered to be the best editor anyway, has this utility as a built-in function. So I have been busy opening my html files in the kit, then placing the line <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"> in the head section and then pressing F9 to check for the hundreds of errors in my files.

And now I will be able to use Endsheet to make me a Google sitemap.

Life can be beautiful.

Addendum: guess what, it doesn't work.

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