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Alvin 'Little Pink' Anderson

Entry 318 posted in: 5. The Pink Thing

Day to day a year after Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd, died from a diabetes related disease I learned that Alvin 'Little Pink' Anderson is suffering from the same illness.

For those who are not aware who Little Pink is, he is the son of legendary Pink Anderson. It was his name, together with Floyd Council, that Syd Barrett combined to baptise the band he was playing in. He had found these names on the liner notes on the back of a Blind Boy Fuller LP and these two were among the artists cited as being representative for the Eastcoast Piedmont Blues. Floyd Council was an obscure blues performer (mostly in Blind Boy Fuller's band). Pink Anderson, on the contrary, was rather known in blues circles and it is a pity that nowadays he is only remembered for the anecdote above.

End of past year Alvin "Little Pink" Anderson recovered from a stroke and was diagnosed with diabetes. Born in 1954 in Spartanville, South Carolina, he began his career at the age of three tap-dancing as his father played for medicine shows. (Taken from Leversblues December 2006)

A local American newspaper now writes the following:
"Pink Anderson has diabetes and was told by his nutritionist that pecans would be a good snack because they are low in sugar.
He called up Music Maker Relief Foundation and told us he needed pecans but cannot find them in South Dakota.
He'd like shelled, roasted, and un-salted please.
Send to: Pink Anderson, 807 Cottage Ave #30, Vermillion SD 57069"

As Little Pinks medical expenses are about 500$ a month he can do with a bit more than a few nuts. For instance you can buy copies of Little Pink's CDs Carolina Bluesman and Sittin Here Singin the Blues, as well as his father's CDs Carolina Bluesman, Ballad and Folksinger, and Medicine Show Man, directly from him.

(Thanks to Benji for this story.)

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