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Sport'n Spicy (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 2)

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ArianeB or Virtually Date Ariane is an adult dating simulator with a lot of different scenarios and outcomes. The story is fairly simple, make a date with Ariane and try to get her in the sack! Of course this sounds easier than it is and that is exactly what makes this game worthwhile. The best way is to experiment with the different situations the game offers and to learn from past mistakes. But for those with a restless mind I will put some walkthroughs for the game on this space. It takes out most of the fun though.

The dating simulator can be found on the following website: ArianeB. I strongly suggest downloading the offline version as the online game (that has some minor changes) is often down or produces connection errors.

Update: latest version is 6.xx - walkthroughs can be consulted at: The ArianeB 6.21 walkthroughs: All in one

Sporty ArianeB This scenario is for waterlovers. After a nice steak dinner you take ArianeB to the lake for a boat trip. She will reward you with several nice surprises.

Start the game and do the basic introduction as explained in Behavioral Studies (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 1). Then follow the next steps:

Steak Dinner  

Get back to the couch.
Go to another room.
Get wine to drink.
Finish drink.
Get steaks for dinner.
Drink wine.
Finish drink.
Wait for the steaks.
Eat steak dinner.
Compliment her.
Talk to her.
Drink wine.
Go somewhere else.

Backyard Blues

Go to the backyard.
Get in the hot tub. Like what you see?
Change clothes.

(Alternative scenario: instead of jumping in the hot tub you can also:
Go swimming.

Follow her into the bedroom. You're in for a nice surprise.
Let her finish getting ready.
Go somewhere else.
Take a shower.
Follow her into the bathroom. ArianeB surely is in a good mood.
Wait for her to get out.
Take a shower.
Go for a drive. Get dressed and go downtown. (If you are using this walkthrough on version 5.0, here is were the scenario takes an entirely different route.)
Follow her into the bedroom. What do you think of that?
Let her finish dressing.

At The Lake

Go downtown.
Head to outskirts.
Take a scenic drive out of town.
Let's rent a boat for a late night cruise.
Park the boat here.
Suggest water skiing naked.
Watch her take off her dress.
Help her put on the ski vest.
Hand her the ski. Yeehaaa!
Tell here to come in.
Watch the moon set.
Suggest spending the night on the boat.

Kiss her goodbye.
End kiss.