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Take The Long way Home (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 7)

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ArianeB or Virtually Date Ariane is an adult dating simulator with a lot of different scenarios and outcomes. The story is fairly simple, make a date with Ariane and try to get her in the sack! Of course this sounds easier than it is and that is exactly what makes this game worthwhile. The best way is to experiment with the different situations the game offers and to learn from past mistakes. But for those with a restless mind I will put some walkthroughs for the game on this space. It takes out most of the fun though.

The dating simulator can be found on the following website: ArianeB. I strongly suggest downloading the offline version as the online game (that has some minor changes) is often down or produces connection errors.

Update: latest version is 5.5 - walkthroughs can be consulted at: ArianeB 5.50 final and finally! 

Chair dance This is the longest scenario, or better said a combination of different situations that seem to fit well together. It involves going out to dinner, starting a fight at the nightclub, going to a sleazy striptease bar and collecting the physical reward for saving the damsel in distress. Start the game and do the basic introduction as explained in Behavioral Studies (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 1).


Fueling ArianeB with two glasses of wine here will trigger the strip show later on.

Go back to the couch.
Go to another room.
Get wine to drink.
Finish wine. First glass.
Drink wine.
Finish drink Second glass.
Suggest going out to dinner.
Wait for her in the hallway.


Go out to dinner.
Be seated.
Order dinner.
Continue to eat.
Compliment her.
Talk to her.
Drink wine.

Don't be a scrooge and...
Pick up the check (it triggers the events that will follow).


Head out.
Go to bar.
I'm driving so club soda please.
Ask her to dance.
Keep dancing.
Protect Ariane.
Get her away from this guy.
Get out from the club.

Meeting Rebecca

The lingerie shopping scenarion has completely changed in version 5.0. An updated version can be found at After Dinner Mints (ArianeB 5.0 walkthrough part 3).

Go lingerie shopping.
Go into the lingerie store.
Wait for her to model the choices.
That's pretty...
Very nice...

Buy lingerie piece 2.
Wait for her to get dressed.

Normally Rebecca would ask you to dance at the nightclub, but since you have been kicked out there, she looks for another place to go.

Discuss other options with rebecca.
Be adventurous and take a chance.

Stripclub Contest

Rebecca doesn't mind stripping at all.

Stay and watch Rebecca's show.
Continue watching (4 x until Rebecca's show is over).

See if you can talk ArinaeB into stripping (she needs to be a little drunk for that).

See if Rebecca can talk her into it.
Encourage Ariane to dance.
Offer her to be her coach.


Probably this is not the only solution but the wrong move stops the show.

Remove Jacket
Pole Dance
Remove Skirt
Pole Dance
Remove Vest
Rub Body
Sexy Dance
Chair Dance
Remove Bra
Rub Body
Chair Dance
Sexy Dance
Remove Thong
Sexy Dance
Chair Dance
Rub Body
Live Sex Act
End routine.
Contest results
Get dressed and celebrate victory.


ArianeB is exhausted and wants to relax in the hottub.

Take her back to her place.
Follow her in the bedroom.
Let her finish getting ready.
Go naked hot tubbing.
French kiss.
Stop kissing.
Massage her shoulders.
Stop massaging.
Grab her breasts.
Stop fondling her breast.
Kiss her nipples.
Stop sucking her tits.
Rub her lower back.
Quit rubbing her back.
Grab her butt.
Quit massaging her butt.
Massage her pussy.
Make love.


You can leave ArianeB after the hottub debauchery or you can have some extra nookie.

Suggest spending the night...