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Odds And Sods (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 8)

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NEW: THE ARIANEB WALKTHROUGHS have now got their own domain:

ArianeB or Virtually Date Ariane is an adult dating simulator with a lot of different scenarios and outcomes. The story is fairly simple, make a date with Ariane and try to get her in the sack! Of course this sounds easier than it is and that is exactly what makes this game worthwhile. The best way is to experiment with the different situations the game offers and to learn from past mistakes. But for those with a restless mind I will put some walkthroughs for the game on this space. It takes out most of the fun though.

The dating simulator can be found on the following website: ArianeB. I strongly suggest downloading the offline version as the online game (that has some minor changes) is often down or produces connection errors.

Update: latest version is 5.5 - walkthroughs can be consulted at: ArianeB 5.50 final and finally! 

Country girl I think you're pretty... The previous walkthroughs all guided to the moment suprême with ArianeB (and she likes to enjoy these at different places). But as there 670 possibilities inside the simulation one can understand that it can be very funny to go off track and try another way out.

Alternative Starts

The walkthroughs on this blog mostly started with the same sequence. Other paths can be followed that will add (or in some cases: subtract) some credibility or romance credits:

Say something funny.
Read some poetry.
Run fingers through her hair.
Give her a hug.

Some moves will (obviously) result in an early exit:

French kiss her.
Touch her boobs.

Dancing can be done at a later stage. ArianeB will dance in her bikini (after the patio lunch) or only dressed in a towel (after skinny dipping).


On several occasions ArianeB will change clothes, take a shower, go to the bathroom. You can decide if you will follow her or not. If she is in a romantic mood and has had a few drinks she will let you take a peek. Do this on the wrong occasion and the game ends. Some scenarios will only be triggered if you have taken a peek, others require you to stay in the hallway...


Most situations can take place at different intervals. Depending on the situation ArianeB's garments will be adjusted accordingly. The simulation has kitchen, living room, patio and gas station shop scenes with ArianeB in dress, jeans, bikini, towel or no towel at all. There is even a nude driving scene through the city.

Inside Games

Several mini games are present and the previous walkthroughs already guided you through some of these:

Truth or Dare

The Truth or Dare game is used in walkthrough but can lead to other situations as well. Walking naked in front of the house to name just one.

Art Museum

The art museum game is explained in The Couch Trip (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 5).


The astronomy game is explained in It's A Gas! (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 6).

Rock - Paper - Scissors

At the introduction there is a possibility to play some Rock - Paper - Scissors.
If you win ArianeB will let you choose what to do next, otherwise she will decide the next move.

Home Decor Store.

Downtown you can go to the Interior Design Store. ArianeB will show you some pictures she is interested in.

First test: vote for the right picture.
Second test: vote for the left picture.
Third test: vote for the right picture.

ArianeB will buy the picture and will take you back to the living room.

Dress Shopping

The dress shop is a memory game. There are 12 clothing racks with 6 blouses and 6 skirts.You need to find a matching outfit to win the game. If you hand ArianeB two skirts or two blouses the game is over, if you hand her a skirt and a blouse you can try again until a match is found. If ArianeB goes dress shopping in her evening dress you might want to lose...

Spin The Bottle

Directly after lunch you can go to the kitchen to have dessert, drink some liquor or play Spin The Bottle. The bottle will pick a random situation out of four possibilities (these 4 situations may not always be the same). One of these contains an alternative scenario that can only be accessed through this mini game:

Park Fountain Photo Shoot.

Go take modelling photos.
Wait for her in the hallway.
Follow her to the park.
Ask her to drop the towel.
Looks fine for the first photo.
Ask for a sexy pose.
You pose, I shoot.
Are you willing to pose topless?
Let's take the chance.
Help her.
Very nice.
OK, on my count, 1, 2, 3...
Nice, but a silly picture.
Go for it.
All right.
Go home.
(The Park Photo Shoot will end the game.)

Other Alternative Places

Amusement Park

Sometimes after a restaurant lunch ArianeB wants to go to the amusement park. She will try the roller coaster and the log ride. The amusement park scenario will end the game.

Beach Walking

Instead of doing the photo shoot or water skiing you can also opt for a romantic walk. ArianeB will fall in the water, undress and ask you to bring her home were the game will end.


Jazz and Soft Rock will add points to ArianeB's romantic mood. Country and Rock will raise her amusement level. If she is only dressed in a towel she might drop it.