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The Italian Job (Not An ArianeB Walkthrough)

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Bad Dinner This is probably my last ArianeB or Virtually Date Ariane post for a while, listing some loose stuff I encountered during my enquiry.


Some people have written about loose ends inside the ArianeB game and often give the Park Fountain Shoot as an example. That scenario, however, is playable, although it depends on cheer luck to get it triggered. More info can be found on walkthrough 8 of this blog.

Browsing through the 670 and even some more pictures the simulation contains brings up an intriguing situation that really is a loose end. In an early version of the game the player had the choice to have a steak or spaghetti dinner with ArianeB. Giving ArianeB spaghetti with meatballs to eat would result in a bad garlic breath and abruptly end the game. The only trace that is left of it in the game is this image as the actual code has been deleted from the game. Update 4.6: this picture has been deleted in version 4.6.
Update 5.0: he spaghetti scenario has been restored (and improved) on version 5.0 

ArianeB Blogspot

ArianeB has a blogspot of her own. It contains some saucy pictures that I didn't dare to publish on my own blog. So you young and innocent juveniles out there beware!

ArianeB Comics

ArianeB Aspiring Video Game Star is a series of comic strips with ArianeB.

ArianeB FAQ

Querycat collected some questions about ArianeB that actually seem to have been ripped off from the previous blog.

ArianeB Modelling Portfolio

ArianeB (or a very close relative of her) has a portfolio on the official site of the game.

ArianeB MySpace

ArianeB has a somewhat neglected MySpace page as well.

I'm gonna get me a life now, perhaps watch some vintage Star Trek (not the restyled ones, whaddayathink!) or listen to some Pink Floyd. In mono, of course.