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Astral Pipers Forum Back Online

Entry 342 posted in: 5. The Pink Thing

In the beginning of May the Astral Pipers forum, a place for Syd Barrett fans to meet, was closed down. The reasons why are a bit redundant now, suffice to say that some internal quibbling between members was the source of it all and that at the end Astralpiper1, as we used to know him, pulled the plug. It's a known story that has happened to a lot of fora before.

The homeless members soon started a new forum, Late Night, and this was a nice new haven for all of them, friends and foes, believers and non-believers, who had buried the hatchet. Until a long-time member, who we all know from the old days, decided to resuscitate the original.

Turmoil! Chaos! Mayhem!

Before anyone could say Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict old wounds were opened again. One member, well I guess it was me actually, said it was like sleeping with your ex-wife again, thus paraphrasing David Gilmour when he was asked to do a reunion gig with Pink Floyd. But sleeping with your ex-wife can be jolly good fun, especially when her new husband doesn't know it.

Two days are gone since the reopening of Astral Pipers and there are already a few brand-new members who don't know shit about the past problems. All they are interested in is Syd. And that was the original reason to begin with.

Astral Pipers

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