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Easter Eggs Lost On An Island

Entry 343 posted in: 5. The Pink Thing

I really haven't found the time yet to listen to the 40 years anniversary cd of The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, why should I, I know it by heart anyway, and there is already a new DVD of David Gilmour, the guitar and voice of Pink Floyd (as opposed to Roger Waters who auto-defines himself as the creative genius of that same band). This leaves me speculating about the two other band members, what could one say about Richard Wright? Or about Nick Mason? Perhaps playboy drummer would be a good epitheton ornans for him. Syd? Syd was and will always be hors cat├ęgorie.

For us madcap fans Remember That Night offers some fine treats. Arnold Layne, Pink Floyd's first single, is on it, sung by David Bowie. Bowie has been a Syd Barrett fan since the band's UFO days and, I know everybody has read this already a zillion times, covered the Floyd's seconds single See Emily Play on his Pin Ups album. And that makes us all wonder if we will ever see a Bowie cover of the Floyd's third single Apples And Oranges.

For those that are not too happy with the Bowie rendition of Arnold Layne, and there are quite a few fans like that, there is also a version of the same track sung by Rick Turkish Delight Wright. Actually Rick was already in the band before Barrett joined and he is the only one who had one of his songs covered by Barrett. (For the anoraks: Two Of A Kind was performed by Syd Barrett on the John Peel show of the 24th of February 1970, it can be found on the Barrett compilation Wouldn't You Miss Me.)

And of course David Gilmour sings some Syd Barrett tunes as well. Before anyone dares to utter that David Gilmour is not a founding member of Pink Floyd, I would like to state the fact that Grace Slick was not in the Jefferson Airplane to begin with either. But who the hell remembers who was there before her? Gilmour covers Astronomy Domine (with a little help from Rick), Dominoes (also present on his previous DVD) and Dark Globe.

That last track, Dark Globe, hides an Easter egg on the DVD. If you choose Dark Globe from the individual tracks menu, it will be followed by an acoustic (and fucking brilliant) version of Echoes. Playing the DVD in its entirety will keep this track hidden.

Two other Easter eggs are easier to find. Some of the song title menus on disk 2 have a small firework display about 20 or 30 seconds after the menu starts. Clicking the firework will start a hidden track. On the main menu you will be able to see a home movie of David playing Then I Close My Eyes (about 20 seconds). On the Royal Albert Hall menu a 50 seconds dance version of On An Island will appear. I hope you will not recognise yourself on the video as it is quite distressing in a hilarious way.

There is another distressing fact as well. Nowhere on the DVD I can find a trace of Publius. I hope the fellow isn't sick or something...

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