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Dirk Gently's Holistic Radio Appearances

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BBC radio with Above The Title productions have made a six-episode radio play called Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency based on the Douglas Adams novel.

As the plot involves a desperately confusing time-travelling solution I am eager to find out how the time paradoxes will get dealed with on the audio play. As the BBC also adapted the ending of the Hitchhiker series on the radio they may be toying with this book as well. (As a matter of fact a rather particular hint in the beginning of the book has already been altered and is now the subject of a discussion an alt.fan.douglas-adams.)

The actual episode of Dirk Gently will stay a week on the Beeb's website for online listeners.

And if you are confused about the time paradoxes in the novel you may have a look at my previous entries where I tried to assemble the different theories about what does really happen in the book. Please do not read this before you attack the book or the radio play, as it will take out all the fun.

The Dirk Gently Time Travel Thread on this website combines the following posts (the amount alone shows you how many possible explanations and/or theories are floating around on the web):

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