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Pink Floyd Mini-Vinyl Studio Box Set

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EMI tries to hijack Christmas shopping with a seventeen Pink Floyd cd-set, containing all studio albums (and one live, actually) from the band.

So everything is included starting from The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (that has just been re-re-re-released in a 3 disk deluxe box) till The Division Bell. Perhaps it is better to tell here what is not inside. Not included are the various Pink Floyd compilations (obviously, although they contain enough spare bricks to make it a starting point for a rarities album) and 3 Floyd live albums: Is There Anybody Out There (The Wall), A Delicate Sound Of Thunder and Pulse.

This is what the Brain Damage website has to tell:

Each CD is a faithful reproduction of the original vinyl using original artwork, all the original inserts (posters, stickers, and such like) and LP-style dust jackets. We also understand that there will be a 20" x 30" high quality poster included.

A poster! Wow! I'm so excited I can't hold my piss right now! But wait, there is more:

In addition, there will be a DVD in the box, which looks to feature the individual members of the band discussing the 40th anniversary and landmarks in their career.

A freakin' DVD - with interviews! Wow! I'm gonna shit my pants as well. As usual the Pink Floyd news from E 'we call it riding the gravy train' M I has raised more controversy than Britney Spears's decision not to wear any knickers on her night out.

Because there is a lot of stuff out there. Let's quote Mark Reed from the Echoes community:

There is an enormous amount of stuff lurking undiscovered and the discography needs a damn good tidy up with a full box set of unreleased stuff, demos, alternate versions, the numerous official live recordings in the vaults. I can think of at least 10 full concerts that are currently unreleased that have been officially recorded and mixed and at least 4 concert films rotting in the EMI archives, let alone the aborted "Live at The BBC" Top Gear Sessions album.

Apart from the unreleased material there is some official material as well that never made it on a digital carrier. I would be very happy with a DVD release of A Delicate Sound Of Thunder (only released on video), the soundtrack of La Carrera Panamericana (a video documentary containing 6 unreleased Pink Floyd tracks) or, why not, the (remastered) soundtrack from the Wall movie. The odd Pink Floyd fan would never notice the difference with the original album anyway.

A small Floydian quote to end the day: Wot's Uh The Deal?

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