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Thingamablog 1.1b

Entry 355 posted in: 1. General Mish Mash

This blog is made with open source software called Thingamablog. As a whole TAMB isn’t bad but even the world’s most average blogger could use some extra bells and whistles that were promised by its maker in September … 2006. Since then nada, nothing, zilch… and it made me wonder if this project had been officially declared dead. Lucky another TAMB fanatic kept the fire burning by adding some add-ons: Wikilink Update 2 (Thingamablog add-on)

No I’ve got nothing against ‘dead’ software if it keeps on working fine. The best spam filter around on the web, in my overzealous opinion of course, is Robin Keir’s K9. The last version dates from 18 April 2004 but as the sum of false negatives and wrong positives is, in my case, a mere 0.14% (combined with the build-in black hole list (DNSBL) from zen.spamhaus.org that strikes 100%). I don’t see why I should change for a more modern spam filter. Not that I haven’t tried. But after a few hours, days or weeks I always revert to good old K9.

Just when I was thinking of switching to another piece of software to replace Thingamablog a new version (v1.1b) was released. According to its creator, Bob Tantlinger, this update can handle the following extra bits and pieces:

  • Post from email
  • Template Packs
  • Entry Preview
  • Internal Links
  • More flexible html editing options

So far for the good news. The bad news is that TAMB 2.0 will still stay in the cooker for quite a while. But I’ve regained confidence so Wordpress will have to wait a bit longer. If all goes well this post is the first to be created with v1.1b2.

Note: this update is still in beta phase. Bug fixes are expected to be published over the next few days or weeks...

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