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No time.

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I had these superb ideas for at least half a dozen of posts on this blog but local warfare prevented me from writing, more about that later. Then yesterday, when I had some time at hand, my LA-girl threatened with divorce if I didn't go to the hairdresser.

So I took a bus to the hair stylist where a consultant recommended me what to do. In my days one went to the local barbershop where an elderly cantankerous guy would give you the choice of three different haircuts: short, shorter or bald. Nowadays you get a horde of women of the opposite sex who smother you with a lot of oohs and aahs. In those places that practice, for whatever reason, the haute coiffure you never get the same girl twice but as long as they carry the obligatory T&A you won't hear me complain. Yesterday there were 4 or 5 fresh daisies, so to speak, to choose from and one entity who I immediately baptised the hairdresser from Hell. Guess who took care of me? A while later I came home and this time my LA-girl threatened with divorce because I had gone to the hairdresser. Some things will never change.

Last week I also found a budget DVD (only 6 Euro!) containing the first two Age of Empires games and their expansion packs and that is what kept me busy on my PC for the last few days. So before I'm off to kill some Greeks (geeks?) here is what is new, in a hurry...

Again a bunch of useless iPod stats on my MySpace page.

For the top 10 list of the songs I've been listening to since January go to http://www.myspace.com/atagong.

For the top 10 list of the songs I've been listening to in the month of November, go to the MySpace blog section.

...and oh yeah, there is a new Thingamablog version as well... it has some goofy extra features, but I've got no time to explain you, I've only got some time to kill...

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