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Cym City

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People who have ever bothered to read the introduction just above this post...

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...know that I have a very limited attention span. So after playing Age of Empires vigorously for a week or so, at night I was literally dreaming of little antlike men crawling over my desktop, I suddenly gave up from nanosecond n-1 to n. Just like that. I started the same mission a day later only to kill the game 30 seconds later. The magic was gone. Over. Finito. The end.

Now I had a problem. A serious one. Sitting in front of my PC watching naked women giving a visual rendition of the term 'slithery people' wasn't my cup of tea either so I went browsing on the games folder on my desktop.

I tried Carom3D and gave up after one game of pool (I did win however). I had an online Texas Hold'Em poker session but gambled all my virtual fortune in an All In game just to get over with it. I ran like a thief after 3 holes on the Alfheim course on Shot Online. Could it be that I was near to depression?

Then I found something I hadn't noticed for a while. It was called Cym4.

Cym4 stands for Cycling Manager 4, a 'Tour de France' simulation made by Cyanide.

Nowadays the game is called Pro Cycling Manager and as far as I can recall the most recent version is number 7. As there is a new version every year I thereby deduct that Cym4 dates from 2004.

I still remember the very first version of Cycling Manager; it was so dreadful that even I refused to play it. The problem was that I compared it with the Fifa soccer games from EA Sports that were even superb in the last millennium.

Cym4 still is a slightly retarded member from the sporting simulation games family. All cyclists have the same face, some aspects of the AI suck (the cyclists refuse to fight for the mountain trophy, to name just one) and the commentator is just plain ridiculous, having only a dozen sentences or so. It is quite stupid to hear that your 'breakaway has a good chance of making it to the finish' if you have just lost 3 minutes to the chasing peleton (or pack) behind you and there are still 50 kilometres to cycle. And even if the commentator is logically right when he mentions that your 'lead is over two minutes' this sound rather stupid when it is really four and a half.

But for one reason or another the game is very addictive, fans over the globe have put alternative databases for download and for the moment I manage the legendary Molteni team featuring Eddy Merckx, Marino Basso, Joseph Bruyère and Herman van Springel.

Champs-Elysées, here I come!

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