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ArianeB 4.8

Entry 364 posted in: a. ArianeB

NEW: THE ARIANEB WALKTHROUGHS have now got their own domain:

Rock'n Roll The dating game ArianeB aka Virtually Date Ariane has been updated a while ago and should now also work in Firefox (previous versions only worked in Internet Explorer and Opera).
My walkthroughs still seem to work (I have been updating bits and pieces of these as well):

Behavioral Studies (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 1) 
Sport'n Spicy (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 2) 
Photoshoot By The Lake (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 3) 
Skinny Dipping With A Twist (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 4) 
The Couch Trip (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 5) 
It's A Gas! (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 6) 
Take The Long way Home (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 7) 
Odds And Sods (ArianeB Walkthrough Part 8) 

There is also a new ArianeB cartoon available at: http://arianeb.com/comic10.htm.

One last hint. If you play ArianeB on the web there are two differences in the game:

  • the game asks if you are over 18 years old and...
  • a secret page can be found on her laptop

To find the secret page, just start some rock'n roll music and click on her laptop.

Update : the latest walkthroughs for the ArianeB 6.21 game can be found at: The ArianeB 6.21 walkthroughs: All in one