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I once found this interesting theory about how cosmogony took place. This may not be how it exactly happened but I like it so it's fine for me.

In the beginning, although you need some notion of time to coin that phrase and there wasn't any time to begin with you had nothing.

Now this nothingness was a kind of crystal-clear soup. A glass of pure water has neutral (read: zero) acidity or alkalinity. It is safe to drink. Next to it is another glass. Its content has also a neutral pH. It is also colourless. But after one sip you drop dead because it has been carefully made out of acid and base fluids that neutralise each other but that are highly poisonous. Big N was nothing when you observed it from a distance, like our ph neutral glasses, and if there would have been any dimension that would give the term distance any meaning, but peeking a bit closer would reveal the presence of particles appearing and disappearing quite spontaneously. These particles automatically sorted each other out: some of them positive (n+), others negative (n-). Sometimes some nx, ny or nz particles would even appear, who knows?

But on the whole the soup was very happy and very tasteless until one day so many positive particles were created on the left side and so many negative particles on the right that it seemed to be a general repetition for Moses' splitting of the red sea. For one reason or another the particles didn't dissolve but decided to come out of the closet with a big bang.

How long did it take before cosmogony took place? Well as time was born with our universe one could say that it was an instantaneous effect. Or one could say that it took an infinite amount of time.

How big was the soup? The soup was infinitely small and at the same time infinitely big, as our spatial dimensions weren't there either.

Why have I written this? I don't know, I only know I had a very tasty Minestrone yesterday. That's perhaps it.

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