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When in doubt...

Entry 371 posted in: 1. General Mish Mash

...make a list.

Last week's entry wasn't much of a post, I confess. It is a lazy and uninspired blogger's scapegoat to publish a list, especially when it is grabbed from another source, and calling it your own. Magazines do it all the time: the best 100 guitarists of rock, 20 rock stars who went gaga (Syd Barrett, for one reason or another, is always on that), 50 ways to leave your lover...

When sci-fi authors don't have enough inspiration to write a novel they add a touch of time travel. It is easy but also a bit cheap. I will have to elaborate on that subject in another post, if I ever find the time...

This blog is in the middle of being relocated to its own domain (and server): atagong.com. Normally I wanted to do this on the first of January but I have discovered that Murphy's Law also exist in Cyberspace. That goes for the Peter Principle too. But finally, my domain is up and running and now I am in the process of checking every single post and every inside link. As long as that phase isn't totally finished the old blog will keep on existing.

So until that moment not a lot will change over here, but in the meantime you can practice your billiard ball physics with this nifty and very addictive, game, called Shuffle.

Wish me luck.

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