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Dreams come through

Entry 414 posted in: 4. Orb Weavers

The typescript Why isn’t double U double U double U atagong dot com up and running yet? Good question. It took me 3 weeks to realise that my domain didn’t need the www (the only abbreviation, according to Douglas Adams, that is longer than the phrase itself). So I thought it was better to start all over again, searching, checking and replacing all internal links on the odd 200 archived posts. I should’ve read the fucking manual first, I know…

About a dozen of years ago I was planning to create the best Orb site of the world, called Orb Weavers. For those out in the wild, The Orb - and I quote my own previously unpublished ramblings here - …mainly orbits around a guy called Duncan Robert (DR) LX (Alex) Paterson, who, on his different projects, has chosen a wide variety of the musical human species to assist him. I started writing like a nutter and somewhere between 1998 and 1999 a rough draft was finished.

For various reasons – mainly because some people who had promised to collaborate pulled the plug - the website never got published, although it tickled and hurt in a far region of the left upper corner of my brain. In a streak of momentary madness, now five years ago, I shredded the complete folder and made it impossible – even for the CIA – to recover it from my hard disk.

Gone was my typescript, but more important: gone were also plenty of downloaded articles, interviews, reviews and even personal messages (and insults) that I had received from Orb aficionados and (one time) collaborators. These are - I fear - gone forever because the sites and places were I had found most of these no longer exist. Archiving isn’t part of the World Wide Web priorities. One example is www.theorb.com, nowadays the official Orb website, belonging to LX Paterson, but in those days it was the Ultraworld fan site that contained a treasure chest full of Orb related stuff. Does anybody remember In Orbit Dreams?

The only piece of junk I still hold in my hands, and I guard it with my life now, is a printed version of the typescript - 50 pages long - 31 chapters (every chapter was going to be a separate webpage). It ends with a review of Bless You, a compilation of the short-lived Badorb label that appeared in 2002.

Since then not a lot of creative things happened to The Orb, and just like Pink Floyd, they were mostly active in the recycling business. Alex Paterson released compilations of unreleased material (Orbsessions 1 and 2), deluxe re-releases of their first groundbreaking albums (Ultraworld and U.F.Orb) and partner-in-crime Thomas Fehlmann found it necessary to reheat some leftovers from his solo career and label those as genuine Orb tracks. I didn’t found that Okie Dokie at all. The pile of Orb releases that I possess (I still maniacally buy every Orb related stuff I can find) but that I didn’t care listening to is big, last on my list is The Art of Chill 4, a mixed ambient compilation by Alex Paterson that has never made it into my cd-player.

When the Orb mailing list (and their MySpace page) promised a new album end of last year I was not that excited. But then good news started sipping through. This week’s Orb was Alex Paterson, Tim Bran (Dreadzone) and long-time-no-see Youth (Killing Joke), once a very prominent Orb collaborator.

There is an Orb album, can’t remember which one actually, that states that ambient is dead. According to the German electronic music magazine Ravelinedas neue Album der Elektronikpioniere ist ein groβartiger Space-Trip zurück zu den Wurzeln von Ambient House’ and who am I to contradict this. Last time the world tried to contradict the Germans they invaded Poland.

But anyway: I haven’t heard a single note yet, but I already like the album.

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