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Perplexed Orbbery

Entry 515 posted in: 4. Orb Weavers, 5. The Pink Thing

One of the best Orb disks ever is called Moonlight Orbbery but it can only partially be credited to LX P and partners. It is, in fact, a remix-rehash-mash-up project from Bill Bbroo Brooks that was distributed amongst Orb fans in the year 2002.

If you are into spacey soundscapes you will not be disappointed provided you could still find the little gem of course somewhere in a forgotten time curve of the wwweb (long time since I’ve seen that word floating by).

After Moonlight Orbbery had received much acclaim, some people even thought it was a genuine Paterson-Brooks-co-operation, Bbroo wrote:

If someone as untalented as I can do this, so can you. I suggest that everyone that plays an instrument, dj's, mixes, etc: GO FOR IT! Don't put it off, create that new sound and I promise you will not be disappointed. You may not become a star, but you will probably have more fun anyway...

So I took the opportunity and created some Orb rip-offs myself and even put these on my MySpace page for a while. Should you bother to care then you can read something about it in an old post called Florbcast.

There are a lot of good home composers in the wild so I won't try to give a listing. Too many of them not enough time to listen to them all. I've got some good memories about Gel Sol (who turned professional after a while) and wet nature project just to name two of them that happen to cross my mind.

When Syd Barrett passed away in 2006 several fans put their feelings into music. Alessandro Cospite put A Man In Cambridge on YouTube and Maynard and the Molemen made the very cute Song For Syd (it could do with a better recording though).

One of the more active (active as in wacky) members of the Syd Barrett Late Night forum is ~SVG75~ or as we better know him: Stanislav. In the middle of last year he made a twelve track album called Perplexed Infinity, that he first advertised on the forum, and that he made now - it’s about time, isn’t it - public on his blog.

One of the tracks, called Missed Episode can be found as background drone and in a slightly remixed way on my MySpace page, were it will reside ad perpetuum or until I have found something to replace it with.

Oh, by the way, when you are still at it, you can also have a look (or a listen?) at Stanislav’s side project called Syd Save Me. I still have to give that a spin, but I promise I will do that after I have finally listened to The Orb's The Dream.

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