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After Dinner Mints (ArianeB 5.0 walkthrough part 3)

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ArianeB or Virtually Date Ariane, probably the best - free - adult dating simulation game in the world, has been recently upgraded to version 5 .0. The game has been revised, half a dozen of new scenarios have been added, and there are now over 900 pictures and situations to be cherished.

Here is the third of a series of walkthroughs I am planning to publish. I’d like to warn you first that playing by the book would take most of the fun out of the game. But if you are one of those guys in a hurry…

Warning: this 18+ game contains some exquisite, sorry explicit, nudity. To put it in other words: if your mommy forbids you to look at thongs and titties you are not welcome.

Giving Rebecca some credit as well Another way to get to know ArianeB a little bit better is to take her out to a good restaurant. You can do this by introducing yourself in the appropriate way, as explained in Hungry Like A Wolf (ArianeB 5.0 walkthrough part 2). Then you go to the kitchen and have a glass of fine wine first, if you don’t do that ArianeB will settle for a hamburger and mad cow disease isn’t exactly what we want right now.

2.0 Introduction

All the right steps can be found here.

3.1 Dinner at the bistro  

Go to another room.
Get wine to drink.
Finish drink.
Suggest going out to dinner.
Wait for her in the hallway. Don’t follow her in the bedroom; there will be plenty of opportunities for that later. ArianeB puts on a ravishing black dress.
Go out to dinner.
Be seated.
Order dinner.
Continue to eat.
Compliment her.
Talk to her.
Drink wine.
Pick up the check. Don’t be a scrooge, this will trigger the events that follow and it is not as if you are paying real money, is it?

3.2 Nightclub  

Head out.
Go to bar.
I'm driving so club soda please.
Ask her to dance.
Keep dancing.

A man grabs ArianeB - something we will simply not allow, you can either...

3.2.1 Roller coaster fun

Punch the guy.
Retreat before a fight breaks out.
Get out from the club.
Go to amusement park.
Go on the roller coaster.
Go on the log ride.
Get wet.
Go back to her place.
On a scale from 1 to 10 you get a 7. Game over.

3.3.1 Lingerie Shopping  

... but if you don't do all the heroe stuff and you just pull ArianeB away from her harasser the future will be a lot brighter.

Protect ArianeB.
Get her away from this guy.
Go lingerie shopping.
Go into the lingerie store.

The lingerie game has been completely changed in version 5.0, ArianeB will give you 3 characteristics and you have to choose the lingerie that fits will all three of them. Here are ArianeB’s possible questions:

I’m looking for underwear that’s... comfortable, fashionable, and sexy

Take a look around.
Pick a strapless bra.
Pick a thong comfortable, fashionable, and inexpensive

Take a look around.
Pick a sports bra.
Pick boy shorts. inexpensive, comfortable, and sexy

Take a look around.
Pick a sports bra.
Pick a thong. inexpensive, fashionable, and sexy

Take a look around.
Pick going braless.
Pick boy shorts.

3.3.1 continued

Wait till she tries it on.
Put clothes back and buy it.

Normally Rebecca would ask you to dance at the nightclub (and those scenarios will follow, don’t worry), but since you have been kicked out there, she looks for another place to go.

3.4.1 Strip club contest

Discuss other options with Rebecca.
Be adventurous and take a chance.
Stay and watch Rebecca's show.
Continue watching. Repeat four times until Rebecca's show is over.
See if Rebecca can talk her into it.
Encourage ArianeB to dance.
Offer her to be her coach. Showtime

The strip show has 4 or 5 options per image. The following one guarantees to success.

Remove Jacket.
Pole Dance.
Remove Skirt.
Pole Dance.
Remove Vest.
Rub Body.
Sexy Dance.
Chair Dance.
Remove Bra.
Rub Body.
Chair Dance.
Sexy Dance.
Remove Thong.
Sexy Dance.
Chair Dance.
Rub Body.
Live Sex Act.
End routine.
Contest results.
Get dressed and celebrate victory. Celebration

ArianeB is exhausted and wants to relax in the hot tub.
Take her back to her place.
Follow her in the bedroom. I promised that, didn't I?
Let her finish getting ready.

There is a bug in the game because the next picture shows ArianeB in a bikini although she has proposed to walk in the nude. For the nerds amongst us: dressed4.jpg is shown instead of dressed6.jpg or dressed9.jpg. The rest of the game is familiar for those who have read the previous walkthrough.

Go naked hot tubbing.
French kiss.
Stop kissing.
Massage her shoulders.
Stop massaging.
Grab her breasts.
Stop fondling her breast.
Kiss her nipples.
Stop sucking her tits.
Rub her lower back.
Quit rubbing her back.
Grab her butt.
Quit massaging her butt.
Massage her pussy.
Make love.
Finish. Encore

You can leave ArianeB after the hot tub debauchery or you can have some extra quality time.

Suggest spending the night...

This was probably the most spectacular scenario but there are some others of course, including a brand new scene at the lake. Here we go.

3.4.2. Let’s dump Rebecca

Follow the routines of the first part of this walkthrough: the basic introduction, the restaurant, the bar brawl, the lingerie shop… But when Rebecca finally asks ArianeB to do something together you…

Politely decline and take ArianeB home. Taking her home is not what you will do, of course.
Head to outskirts.
Take a scenic drive out of town.

At the lake there are two possibilities, take a moonlight stroll or go boating (and skiing). Water skiing

Let's rent a boat for a late night cruise.
Park the boat here.
Suggest water skiing naked.
Watch her take off her dress.
Help her put on the ski vest.
Hand her the ski.
ell here to come in.
Watch the moon set.
Suggest spending the night on the boat.
Kiss her goodbye.
End kiss. Romantic Walk

There are many romantic paths in this scenario, including a philosophical discussion whether romance is a cultural attitude or an inherently instinctive response. Of course we didn’t come to this place to discuss.

Lets take a romantic walk.
Hold her hand.
Put your arm around her.
Take her into your arms.
I’d rather pursue you. ArianeB rewards you for that sweet remark.
Hold her naked body.
Sit on the beach.
The moon’s beauty pales to your own.
Walk back to car.
No, you look fine without it. Don’t let ArianeB put her clothes back on.

Back at home ArianeB is walking around in her birthday suit. And it isn’t even her birthday yet. If you have some difficulties in understanding a woman’s hint: running around in the nude is what I call a hint. So you can immediately jump at (or on) her in the living room, go to bed or follow this nice little scenario that is called…

3.5 Photo shoot at the fountain  

Going to the kitchen will trigger the fountain photo shoot. It’s a dead end street but it is nice.

Go to the kitchen and find something to do.
Go take modelling photos at the park.
Follow her to the park.
Do you have a problem posing nude?
Ask her to drop the towel and pose for a picture.
Nice artistic nude.
On my count 1 2 3.
Very revealing, but kind of a silly picture…
Go for it, ready when you are.
Be careful.
Wow, now that is worthy of desktop wallpaper.
Throw her a towel and walk her home.
Kiss her goodnight.
On a scale of 1 to 10, you get a 6. The Park Photo Shoot will end the game.

There are still plenty of places to visit in the city, but these will be discussed later.
Come and read next week another chapter of the thrilling adventures of ArianeB!

Update : the latest walkthroughs for the ArianeB 6.21 game can be found at: The ArianeB 6.21 walkthroughs: All in one