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Games For May (ArianeB 5.0 walkthrough part 4)

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NEW: THE ARIANEB WALKTHROUGHS have now got their own domain:

ArianeB or Virtually Date Ariane, probably the best - free - adult dating simulation game in the world, has been recently upgraded to version 5 .0. The game has been revised, half a dozen of new scenarios have been added, and there are now over 900 pictures and situations to be cherished.

Here is the fourth of a series of walkthroughs I am planning to publish. I’d like to warn you first that playing by the book would take most of the fun out of the game. But if you are one of those guys in a hurry…

Warning: this 18+ game contains some exquisite, sorry explicit, nudity. To put it in other words: if your mommy forbids you to look at thongs and titties you are not welcome.

The Lingerie Shop Edgar Allen Poe ones wrote something like:
"Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?"

But this has got nothing to do at all with part 4 of the ArianeB walkthroughs where we will give some attention to the different games inside the game.

2.0 Introduction

The second walkthrough on this blog tells you how to get acquainted with ArianeB: A better start. Basically these moves are the same for every scenario. After that we will try to play some games with her.

4.1 Rock Paper Scissors

You can let a game of Rochambeau decide how the game will evolve. Start the game with the basic introduction, but once back on the couch you will not head for the kitchen but play a good old game of rock-paper-scissors instead.

From here the game can take two directions, either you win, or either you lose. (If you tie the game will be repeated until there is a winner.)

4.1.1 You win!

Next move. You can choose between:

Go for a walk. This triggers the walk in the park.
Get some wine. There are a lot of possible scenarios after here: wining, dining,...
Have a barbecue. Take a steak to the patio. After the dinner ArianeB will decide to go shopping.
Go out to dinner. This will be the posh dinner at the bistro. After the dinner ArianeB will go to the bar.

4.1.2 ArianeB wins

Next move. Ariane B decides to have a picnic (steak dinner).

4.2 Hamburgers and some more…

All in all I am not a big fan of the rock-paper-scissors game, so I’ll skip to another scenario instead. We’ll grab a burger (veggie for me), we will impress her with our general knowledge of the fine arts and last but not least we’ll take Rebecca to the bar and play a strange variation of water polo afterwards. After the basic introduction we go to the kitchen where we will not, repeat: NOT, have a drink but immediately ask ArianeB out to dinner.

Suggest going out to dinner. Blimey, it turns out to be a hamburger joint.
Go inside.
Eat dinner.
Compliment her
Talk to her.
Leave and follow Ariane somewhere else. Junk food and art are a fine combination, thinks ArianeB. She brings you to the nearby museum.
Go downtown
Start tour. ArianeB will show you three paintings. If you can persuade her to be an art lover you will get some extra attention (she loves smart guys). The possible answers are:

Van Gogh

Hang out downtown. From here on you can decide were to go.

4.2.1 Lingerie shopping and pool games

Go lingerie shopping. The lingerie shopping scene (and its solutions) have been described in: After Dinner Mints (ArianeB 5.0 walkthrough part 3).

Agree to drinks at the club with Ariane and Rebecca.
Ask Ariane to dance.
Go back to the bar.
Buy the next round of drinks.
Watch the two of them dance together.
Let them continue to dance.
Take Ariane and Rebecca back to Ariane's place.
Vote for skinny dipping.
Take your clothes off.
Get in the pool.
It is Ariane's turn.
Close your eyes and say MARCO.
Chase after Ariane.
Let go of Ariane's breast.
Say goodbye to Rebecca. From here on the game is all yours (most scenarios have already been discussed on the previous walkthroughs).

4.2.2 The dress shopping game

Go dress shopping. The dress shopping game basically is a memory game. Out of 6 skirts and 6 blouses you have to choose a matching outfit. Choosing two skirts or two blouses will end the game. The position of the clothes on the clothing racks is randomized with every game. Here are the possible solutions:

black lace skirt - black lace top
blue shirt - blue skirt
evening gown skirt - evening gown top
pink skirt - pink top
red party skirt - red party top
white blouse - white skirt

Drive her home

4.2.3 The home decor store game

Go to home décor store.
Look around.
First test: vote for the right picture.
Keep looking.
Second test: vote for the left picture.
Keep looking.
Third test: vote for the right picture.
Buy it and take it home.

4.2.4 The bar trivia game

Go to the nightclub.
Go to bar.
I’m driving so club soda please.
Play bar trivia game.
Here is a list with all the possible questions and their answers...

Books What 19th century author is often credited with inventing the mystery novel? C
Books What was the title of Sherlock Holmes first adventure? C
Celebrities Who was not born in Canada? D
Movies In 1935, what was Bugs Bunny originally called? D
Movies What actress played Tom Cruise`s love interest in Cocktail? A
Movies What year were Bladerunner (...) and Poltergeist released? C
Movies What year were Office Space, Fight Club and The Matrix released? B
Movies Which Johnny Depp film involved a search for Satan? B
Movies Which of these war movies was set mostly in Iraq? D
Movies Who directed the Carl Sagan movie Contact? B
Movies Who played Bond in On Her Majesty`s Secret Service? A
Movies Who sang the theme song to Pump Up The Volume? A
Music How old were Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Jimi Hendrix when they died? B
Music What 80`s New Wave band sang Hungry Like The Wolf? (Duran Duran) #
Music What band is famous for creating rock operas like Tommy? B
Music What song has the lyrics "doo wop, doo be doo doo wop..."? C
Music Which Beatles song has lyrics mentioning "Father McKenzie"? A
Music Who is considered the first rap star? B
Music Who was the first African American to have a music video air on MTV? A
Television How many human looking Cylons are there in Battlestar Galactica? D
Television In CSI: Miami, what is Heratio`s last name? B
Television In Gilligan`s Island, the Skipper`s actual first name was? A
Television In Seinfeld, Jerry`s dad was called? C
Television In the A-Team, Mr. T had a fear of ...? C
Television In Three`s Company, what was Jack`s restaurant called? C
Television On Star Trek, what race had laws called The Rules of Acquisition? A
Television On The Simpsons, who shot Mr. Burns? C
Television What corporation aired the first commercial on television? B
Television What is NOT a race from Babylon 5? A
Television What superpowers do Superman and Nathan Petrelli share in common? D
Television What vampire did Buffy the Vampire Slayer send to hell? D
Television What was the evil organization on the show Dark Angel? B
Television What was the name of the slayer that rose after Buffy died? D
Television Which show was NOT a spin-off of Happy Days? A
Television Which TV show was the first to air a toilet? D
Television Who is the first winner of American Idol? C
Television Who is the host of Show Me the Money? D
Television Who killed Lillie Kane on Veronica Mars? B
Television Who lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane? C

Let’s go home.

Probably we'll go for the spaghetti dinner the next time, and with a little luck, some photoshooting at the lake as well...

Update : the latest walkthroughs for the ArianeB 6.21 game can be found at: The ArianeB 6.21 walkthroughs: All in one