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Astral Pipers Forum Down Under

Entry 618 posted in: 5. The Pink Thing

Hey, is that Charley?
Hello Charley...

This week I have been trying to write a eulogy for the fact that the Astral Pipers #2 forum has disappeared, but alas what is there to say?

The first Astral Piper forum, a very successful spin off of the Astral Piper website, collapsed when some people started to accuse some other members from things that really don't matter anymore. A partial account can be found here but is not always pleasant to read.

What also wasn’t nice was that a few dozen members, including me, had lost their place to ventilate their feelings. Eternal took it upon him to create a new forum, called Late Night, and the game of tracing back the shattered members could start. This was done by mail, by telephone, by letter (some virtual friendships had grown into real-life friendships). Pink Chick, who I will cherish for the rest of her life, warned me through MySpace that a new place had been created. I am just a little proud to say that I could rescue at least one member from oblivion by putting a guerrilla graffiti on the message board from the Astral Pipers website itself.

Days went by and became weeks, weeks went by and became months. A very close friend of the administrator of the original Astral Piper had joined us as well meaning that there was finally some kind of frail truce between both fighting camps.

After a while a second Astral Piper (#2) emerged again, attracting some newcomers who had been looking for Syd Barrett news on the Astral Piper website, that hasn’t updated since March 2007.

But old wounds run deep and this week the plug was again pulled and the second Astral Pipers forum went out again without a single warning. This time it will probably be for good. On the Astral Piper website a message has appeared that the site will be no longer updated and that the subscription will (probably) not be renewed (news that had already reached me almost a year ago).

But life outside cyberworld goes on. It flourishes too. I can only wish J & D and their soon to be born Sydney all the best.

And Dion, that offer is still valid you know… Felix (Piper 24)

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