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Moon And Mooning (ArianeB 5.0 walkthrough part 5)

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ArianeB or Virtually Date Ariane, probably the best - free - adult dating simulation game in the world, has been recently upgraded to version 5 .0. The game has been revised, half a dozen of new scenarios have been added, and there are now over 900 pictures and situations to be cherished.

Here is the fifth of a series of walkthroughs I am planning to publish. I’d like to warn you first that playing by the book would take most of the fun out of the game. But if you are one of those guys in a hurry…

Warning: this 18+ game contains some exquisite, sorry explicit, nudity. To put it in other words: if your mommy forbids you to look at thongs and titties you are not welcome.

Mama mia! Que bella! When the moon’s in the sky
Like a big pizza pie
That’s amore!

One of the new scenario’s in ArianeB 5.0 is the spaghetti dinner. Let’s see what happens….

First I’ll need to convince you one more time to do the basic introduction that can be found by clicking here: make a compliment, say something smart, give a shy kiss, try a little dance,…

5.0 Spill that spaghetti!

Alas ArianeB contains no spaghetti scene like in the famous Tintin En Suisse parody...

Go back to the couch.
Go to another room.
Get wine to drink.
Finish drink.
Make spaghetti for dinner.
Eat spaghetti. It is meatball spaghetti, the horror, for Christ's sake!
Compliment her.
Talk to her.
Drink wine. ArianeB spills some sauce on her shirt and wants to clean that right a way.
Suggest taking off the shirt and cleaning it.
Finish cleaning. Now it is up to us to find a way to get shirtless ArianeB in a better mood.
Change into a swimsuit.
Wait for her in the hallway.
Go to the backyard. From here on you can do several scenarios but we'll let the game decide and play a game of...

5.1 Spin the bottle

If you return immediately from the backyard into the kitchen (so no swimming or tubbing) you can have a spin the bottle game. The bottle will decide what will happen next.

Go back inside.
Go to the kitchen for dessert.
Play spin the bottle. The game will choose one out of four possible situations...

Park Fountain Shoot. Bikini photo shoot at the park fountain. Not as revealing as the scenario that was discussed before at After Dinner Mints (ArianeB 5.0 walkthrough part 3).
Hot Tub.
Go for a drive. ArianeB will change clothes and you can go to the city.

5.2 Cosmology

Something else this time. After the basic introduction, we'll go immediately to the backyard.

Backyard. Between the hot tub and ArianeB's right hand (that we see at the left side, obviously) is a small hotspot reading…

Sit and look at the sky. A random picture of the moon or the sky will be shown. ArianeB wants to check your knowledge of astronomy. There are 4 possible questions:

5.2.1 Moon shot: Crater Copernicus

Point here. There are 2 hotpoints with the same label, be sure to choose the good one located at 317-188-371-240. It is a small round crater a bit up and left from the center, NOT the big grey area a bit up and right from the center with the same label.

5.2.2 Moon shot : Sea Of Tranquility

May be here. Easy to find, there is just one hotpoint on the screen with that particular label.

5.2.3 Star shot: Triangulus

Pick here. This is the hardest hotpoint to find as they all carry the same name. The one we are looking for is situated in the middle of the screen at location: 231-253-449-359.

5.2.4 Star shot: Aries

Maybe here? Easy to find, it is situated left and up from centre.

5.3 Teletubbies

Now that you gave the right answer ArianeB will propose to have some wine or a barbecue. We'll choose for the BBQ.

Have a Barbecue.
Get wine and go outside.
Drink wine.
Finish drink.
Eat dinner by the pool.
Wait for her in the hallway.
Eat steak dinner.
Compliment her. Personally I find this shot one of the best scenes of ArianeB.
Talk to her.
Drink wine.
Go somewhere else.
Get in the hot tub.
Suggest playing 'Truth or Dare'.
Have you ever had sex in a hot tub? (or any of the other questions)

From here on ArianeB will accept all ToD instructions: for instance:

5.3.1 Dare her to kiss you.

This scenario leads somewhere but not were we want to go.

5.3.2 Dare her to take her top off.

Help her take off her top.
Dare he to take her panties off.
Continue. You can use your imagination or...
Dare her to go skinny dipping in the pool.
Take of your clothes and skinny dip.

5.3.3 Dare her to go skinny dipping in the pool.

Go skinny dipping.
Jump in the pool naked.
Keep swimming naked.
Get out of the pool.
Go back inside. Several possibilities from here on.

5.3.4 Dare her to go out front and check her mail wearing nothing but tennis shoes and a cowboy hat.

Follow her into the bedroom.
Get her cowboy hat for her.
Go streaking in the front yard.
On a scale of 1 to 10 you get an 8. This choice ends the game.

5.3.5 Dare her to take a shower and let you watch.

Wait for her to get out.
Take a shower.

Next week there will (probably) be the last walkthrough for ArianeB 5.0.

Update : the latest walkthroughs for the ArianeB 6.21 game can be found at: The ArianeB 6.21 walkthroughs: All in one