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Entry 755 posted in: 6. Self-Made Monsters

Poekie A few days ago in a ridiculously overcrowded bus somewhere inside the bowels of the local souk at the inner town of Brussels a chador-veiled beauty offered me her seat. I politely refused, trying not to drown into those big brown virgin eyes of her. My face turned red, partly from those fresh spring inner fluids that suddenly rushed through my veins, partly from a streak of anger that blitzkrieged through my body.

A woman just offered me her seat in the bus. It suddenly appeared to me that old age had fallen upon me like Damocles’ sword.

So far the text I had already prepared for today’s post… I wanted to add some more funny observations here but I’m not in the mood. Yesterday Poekie died. He’s the cat that’s been polluting my MySpace avatar for ages.

In 1998 he (regardless of English grammatical rules no cat from me will ever be called an it) was rescued by my LA-girl from the local Steiner school were the director vehemently threatened to poison him. I haven’t been able to look positively at Steiner education since. In my nightmares I portray him, alternative progressivism smudged all over his face, saying: “Today, my children, in the name of anthroposophical education, we will show you how to poison a cat.” Teacher, leave those kids alone.

Poekie was brought into our home where it would take him years to adjust to us. Basically he was a one-cat-one-person felid. The last couple of years he had switched his attention span from LA-girl to me for whatever reason a cat needs to change his opinion. I still think that luring him with Whiskas Crunch did the trick. Although he remained very shy he was the happiest cat I have ever seen (really). Behind the safety of the glass he liked to show off to the people on the street, when we came home and saw how our front room window was plastered with sticky children’s handprints we knew that he had been playing ringmaster again. The last couple of months he finally found the courage to come and have a look, from a safe distance, at people visiting us. He didn't like people visiting us. Not two weeks ago he jumped for the very first time in front of the computer monitor I am now watching at. He licked his feet and decided this was a safe place to sleep.

During the uneven fight against death he bit me hard in the finger. Way to go Poekie. Way to go. If there is a cat’s heaven, jump over to the human one, and give Rudolf Steiner my regards will ya?

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