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Late Night

Entry 769 posted in: 5. The Pink Thing

Late Night The Late Night forum – a haunt for the Syd Barrett obsessed – as it epithets itself, has changed location and can now be found at http://www.latenightdiscussion.com/.

For the moment there is a discussion going on if this forum should advertise its existence. There are of course pros and cons.


Pro is that people who are seeking information about the life and works of Roger Keith (Syd) Barrett should be able to find this place. If one googles for Syd Barrett (or even tries Syd Barrett Discussion or Forum) Late Night will not be found, at least not on the first half dozen of pages. The initial website that hosted the forum, Astral Piper, says that that the forum has been deactivated. This is only partially true. It would take me too far her to give – again – a historic overview. Well here it is in a nutshell: first came the Astral Piper forum, it started somewhere in 2005 but was abruptly shut down, due to personal problems, in May 2007. An alternative forum, Late Night, was put into place and is still quite alive and kicking but has never been approved (nor mentioned) by the Astral Piper website.


Late Night is a small secretive place, I once joked that you practically need a godfather (or godmother) who invites you to become a member. It is a small village with people that know each other very well. This false notion of intimacy sometimes leads to personal disclosures and emotional outbursts. Less and less Barrett issues are discussed by lack of Syd, although from time to time the odd question is asked if Barrett was wearing green or pink trousers on the 2nd of May 1967. It is not that Late Night is a secret society, with strange rules, rituals and relics; everybody is free to join, provided you can find the entrance to the temple.

Wots... uh the deal?

Deciding in favour for the one or the other is what Günter Grass once defined as the einerseits andererseits dilemma in his novel Kopfgeburten. Eternal Isolation, administrator of Late Night, offers us a partial solution to the problem. The forum will remain low key (the posts will not be indexed by search engines for instance) but individual members may promote its existence on their blogs and websites. And that is exactly what I’m doing right now.

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